Valentine’s or Anytime: 5 Creative Date Ideas

Do you and your husband have date nights on a regular basis? I hope so! I believe it is important to prioritize intentional time together, to continue to cultivate a growing relationship and to deepen intimacy. As followers of Christ, we can expect Satan to try to infiltrate our marriages, and we must be proactive in fighting to protect, preserve, and enjoy our marriages.

Having regular date nights is one way to invest in and enjoy our marriage relationships. But “regular” doesn’t have to mean boring or predictable. Granted, sometimes predictable date nights are exactly what we need because there is comfort in the familiar and routine. And honestly, sometimes, our brains are too tired to come up with a creative date night idea. That’s when we still celebrate the fact that we are being intentional about having dates as married couples, and it’s okay if they are predictable. But sometimes we need to change things up and do something different on our dates!

This month, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or just a regular day, here are some ideas to help revamp your date night. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive!

“Remember when?” jar.

Three days before your anticipated date set out a jar and small slips of paper. Over those days, you and your husband should work individually to fill the jar with “Remember When…?” notes that cover the length of your relationship (Fold them up so that no one can see them before it’s time to read them together!). Include all sorts of memories: big, small, sweet, funny, embarrassing, romantic, surprising. Think of the first interactions you had, places you’ve been, milestones you’ve experienced, and celebrations you’ve enjoyed. Then, on your date, take turns drawing out and reading the slips of paper and enjoy reminiscing over a good meal together. This little project will not only have you looking forward to your date, but it will also refresh your hearts and minds as you reflect on your marriage.


Pick a day when you and your husband can commit several hours to this one. First, each of you should select a new-to-you dessert recipe to bake. (Don’t tell each other what it is!) Then, go to the grocery store together, but split up to gather each of your needed baking ingredients. When you return home, put on some fun music and do your baking together in the kitchen. Then, enjoy presenting and tasting your creations together. There’s no need to judge; just have fun with it, even if you don’t exactly “nail” the baking or presentation.

Dollar Store shopping spree.

They go to a dollar store together but split up inside the store. Designate $10 each to go through the store and choose 10 items to gift to the other person. (Have fun trying to dodge each other while shopping!) Be sure to choose a variety of items: something helpful/needed, something fun, something ridiculous, something that just reminds you of the other person, anything! Then, go to a coffee shop or ice cream parlor and exchange gifts one item at a time. Have fun with it!

In-house scavenger hunt.

Create a scavenger hunt for each other, using clues that lead you to particular items, memories, or even inside jokes found right inside your home. (Bonus points if your clues are connected in some way or tell a story!) Decide ahead of time how many clues each of you will give the other person, and take turns hiding your clues. Then, make it a race to find all the clues in your hunts. The winner’s prize is up to you: a massage, getting to pick the movie you watch together, a pass on cleaning the kitchen, or whatever you like. Or, if you’d rather not turn it into a competition, let the final scavenger hunt clues lead to fun gifts you’ve gotten for each other.

A drive and a playlist.

Create a collaborative playlist on Spotify or another music platform. Each of you adds as many songs as you can think of that remind you of different moments in your relationship or that maybe just describe your relationship. (Try not to look at the songs the other one is adding!) Then pick a sunny afternoon, grab your favorite snacks and drinks, and go for a long drive together while listening to your playlist on shuffle mode. Have fun reminiscing, talking about why each song was included, and belting out the lyrics while driving together!

Proverbs 17:22 reminds us that “A joyful heart is good medicine,” and joyful hearts can come from spending quality time together. Whether you think your date nights are in need of “medicine” or not, be intentional about creating joyful, lighthearted, and encouraging experiences together using these ideas or some that you come up with on your own. Taking joy in our marriage relationships is honoring God, and I believe He will bless these times together.

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