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About Family Christian

We help families experience simple moments with Jesus.

At Family Christian, we meet moms where they are in their everyday living – in their struggles, in their questioning, in their search for connection and biblical guidance, and in the brief pauses among the busyness.

We meet them there because Jesus meets us all there.

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FamilyChristian.com is part of Radiant Digitial. Radiant is a global faith and family media network, including iDisciple.org, Beliefnet.com, Patheos.com, BibleMinute.com, the BibleJoy app, FamilyToday.com, and Familias.com.

We inspire individuals and families to connect more deeply, live more intentionally, and act with greater love so the world can do the same. We know that love illuminates the darkness, which is why our family of brands focuses on content and services that light the human soul.

At Radiant, we believe lasting life change starts from within. If you want to change the world, change a person. If you want to mend a society, restore a family. If you pray for international peace, experience internal peace first.

Together our brands stand for deep connection, intentional change, and hope.