What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

Are you struggling with depression? You are not alone!

One in 6 American adults battle with this issue, especially after experiencing a challenging, difficult or traumatic event. And many moms are susceptible to postpartum depression after childbirth.

Fortunately, we can turn to the Bible in our hour of need.

The Lord provides us with dozens of verses to comfort, heal, and encourage us when we are down. We can look at the lives of biblical heroes to see how they handled despair and discouragement.

Case in point, King David.  We see David at his best and worst throughout Scripture, and a careful look at his story uncovers that he regularly battled many of the symptoms that characterize depression: frequent crying, losing interest in regular activities, insomnia, feeling forsaken, hopelessness, loss of appetite with weight loss, and more.

Yet, in spite of these feelings, he consistently praised God (Psalm 22) and always remembered that His faithfulness is reliable and unchanging (Psalm 102). It is because of his unwavering faith and devotion that David is remembered as being a man after God’s own heart.

The Bible also reminds us:

— That depression is not your fault as with Job, who was proclaimed faultless (Job 1:1)

— To seek counsel, support, and prayer when we are sick (James 5:14)

— That we can lean on Jesus when we need help (Matt. 11:28)

— To surround ourselves with supportive people (Proverbs 12:25)

— That God wants the best for us (Isaiah 58:8) 

Natural Remedies That Can Help With Depression 

The Bible is full of practical advice that we can implement to feel better and experience an abundant, depression-free, joyful life. As I have read and reread the Scriptures, I have discovered that there is a common thread throughout: if we do our part, God will do His.

Here are some practical things you can do today to help balance mood and boost your emotions.

1. Proper nutrition helps your brain. Eat a clean, mostly plant-based diet with lots of raw veggies and keep meat to a minimum.

2. Spending time in the sun naturally boosts mood and Vitamin D, which combats depression. And walking barefoot outside exposes you to bacteria that benefit your brain!

3. Exercise and healthy, brain-challenging activities boost endorphins, which are chemicals in your body that promote feelings of happiness and motivation.

4. Spend time with the Lord! Praying, fasting, and reading scripture regularly are all activities that Jesus did frequently. Follow His example and practice this type of self-care. 

Essential Oils For Depression

Essential oils are another go-to resource I use when I’m feeling down and during times of high stress. Try my roll-on recipe for relief!



— Essential oils:

    * lemon

    * bergamot

    * ylang ylang

    * lemon balm

    * lavender

–10ml roll-on bottle

— Carrier oil of choice


1. Add one drop of each essential oil to the bottle.

2. Add your favorite carrier oil and fill it to the top.

3. Mix by gently rolling the bottle between your palms.

4. Apply to pulse points whenever you need a pick-me-up.

With God’s help and some lifestyle changes, we can have victory over depression!

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