Summer Kids Activities: Crafts!

Do you ever feel like some days it is just too hot to go outside and you are truly melting?! That is how I feel towards the end of July + early August.

This time last year I was 9 months pregnant and living off of popsicles with a fan blowing on me — so I’ve been trying to have a better attitude towards fun this year!

Anytime I ask my daughter what indoor activities she wants to do, she yells CRAFTS. So here are some of my favorites:

Tape Monsters
I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like tape. This activity is a fun one because you can transform it into so many things. AND it takes a while because you just do small bits of tape. I like using different colored washi tape, but any tape works.

Get a big piece of paper and tear off tape strips in different sizes — I’d say anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches (smaller pieces are fun for older kids!)

Then assemble the tape into pictures! Make monsters, a favorite animal or do impressionist style art and have them recreate something you set up in front of them (vase of flowers, bowl of fruit).

Time + Mess Extender: Not afraid of paint (could use markers) — Have them paint over the tape and cover the paper. Once it is dry, carefully pull off all the paint!

Have anyone that loves to read? This one is simple but fun and practical.

Cut strips of paper into bookmarks and decorate them. They can think about some of their favorite books and make a bookmark to go along with that book. Pull out some of their favorite books for artistic inspiration.

Live near a “Little Free Library” or an actual library? Drop them off so everyone can enjoy their creations.

Cardboard Creations
You’ll need to raid the recycling bin for this one to find assorted cardboard boxes, cans, toilet paper rolls, etc.

Look around the house and see what you want to recreate using your materials!

Easy ones: binoculars, camera, plates + silverware, guitar, mailbox

Depending on the sizes of your boxes you can make big things too! Washing machine, a grill — endless options.

Once you’ve helped make the structure, decorate it!

Paper Magnatiles
A fun spin on flat magnatiles that aren’t magnetic. Okay maybe this is nothing like magnatiles except that they are bright shapes.

Draw a bunch of shapes on colored construction paper and cut them out. Spend time making creations!

Can you make a house? A pirate ship? A colorful forest?

Since you aren’t taping or gluing the shapes you can create unlimited combinations.

Make sure to find a special place to put their creations! Talk to them about how creative they were and what they thought about the activities. This is a good time to encourage their imaginations to run wild and be silly.

Can you imagine how much fun God must have had when he created mountains or hippos? This can be a great opportunity to talk about creation and their favorite things that God created.

What was the biggest thing God made? What was the smallest? What do you think was the most fun to come up with?

Don’t forget to seize those moments of joy and if you think about it, tag us on social with all the fun you are having @familychristianonline!

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