Bethany’s Annual Cleanse

Question Time: What’s one practice you do to stay healthy?

Once a year, Adam and I like to do a 2-4 week cleanse.

You drive your car every day, and with us, we have 2 kids and we’re always eating in our car, and after time and time our car gets dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. Finally, we just gotta get everything out, vacuum it, clean it, detail it — get it all clean.

That’s kind of how I see our bodies. Over time, being exposed to different stresses… environments… maybe eating sugars… every now and then having a bite of fried foods and stuff that’s just not good for us.

So, we like to do a cleanse.

The sort of cleanse we do is not where we’re like falling over of starvation and only drinking juice or something like that. What we do is put all our focus and intention on creating really whole, pure, organic, vegetable-filled meals. We eliminate dairy, peanuts, wheat, gluten, corn, sugar, beans, and anything processed.

Some of the things we focus on is eating:

— A lot of live, fresh vegetables; so we’ll make a lot of salads.

— Grass fed and finished local red meats, humanely raised.

— We’ll buy really good eggs.

— Lately we’ve been juicing, so we’ll make solid vegetable juices.

Just keep it clean, pure and good!

Have you done this type of cleanse? Tell me what you think! #bethanystylehealth

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