Kathie Lee Gifford Introduces “The God Who Sees”

The God Who Sees is a short film directed by Kathie Lee Gifford based on a song written by Gifford and Grammy-nominated, Nicole C. Mullen.

Mullen is featured as the narrator and performer as she journeys throughout the Holy Land recounting the stories of Hagar, Ruth and David during their wilderness experiences, and ending with Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem at the tomb of the Risen Savior, Jesus.

The filming took place all over Israel with four primary locations corresponding to the four characters in the narrative.

The crew shot additional footage in these fascinating places around the Holy Land to give us a richer experience as we enjoy the beautiful film, drawing us deep into the lives of these Biblical heroes.

The song was recorded in Studio A at the incredible Ocean Way in Nashville, Tennessee.  Studio A is built in the sanctuary of a 100-year-old church, with a 38′ x 50′ main room and 30′ ceilings.

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