15 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

For the bulk of our daughters’ childhood, Mother’s Day meant spending the day at church. With a job in full-time ministry, my Sunday included photobooth preparation, baby dedication events, three church services, and prayer moments for people in need. It was a day full of serving other moms while my girls hung out with the other staff kids. So, for my own Mother’s Day celebration, I typically requested a nap at 2 pm and takeout for dinner.

But, when God led me to step back from full-time church ministry work, He freed our family to explore new ways to mark the occasion. And the truth is, there really is no right or wrong way to pause and thank the moms in our lives. Spark some creative thinking with these 15 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. And, hey, when your own family asks you what you want, pick out your favorite and pass it along as an idea!

1. Write a letter of gratitude to your mom or mother-in-law.

Words of affirmation might be her love language. So, why not overflow her tank by crafting a letter (or email)? Tell her why you love her and give specific examples of what you’ve learned from her. Speak life over her by sharing scriptures that remind you of her.

2. Write a love letter to each of your children.

Of course, your children know you love them. However, do they know what you love about them today? Do they know the Christ-like qualities you see shine through them? Do they know what it feels like to see them live out their calling or use their gifts? Tell them.

3. Do yard work as a family.

It’s springtime, so weeds need pulling, trees and bushes need trimming, and everything needs power washing. Get the whole family involved. It’s Mother’s Day, which means they can’t say no.

4. Volunteer at church.

Serve in your church and give moms who typically volunteer a day of rest and worship. Kids’ Ministry often needs extra help on Mother’s Day.

5. Schedule a family photoshoot.

Plan coordinated outfits. Take photos on a boat, in a field, in the woods, or at the top of a parking deck. Pick a spot that contains a special moment in your family. Use a professional photographer or figure out how to use the timer on your phone.

6. Host a virtual Mother’s Day party.

Invite your mom friends from near and far to celebrate Mother’s Day (virtually) together. It’s like a Galentines’ Day event but held on Mother’s Day instead!

7. Set up a DIY ice cream sundae bar.

Set up an ice cream bar with several flavors, sauces, fruit toppings, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Invite the empty nest moms in your neighborhood to come over.

8. Make it a family movie night.

Instead of watching the latest box office release or streaming show, watch home videos instead. Rewind the years by seeing reels from your childhood and years before becoming a mom. Or get the tissues handy and watch videos from when your children were tiny and crawling around.

9. Flip through family photo albums.

Share stories from your childhood or reminisce about special moments with your family.

10. Go on a one-on-one date with your child.

As our kids get older, spending time together can get more difficult, but not impossible! Spend quality time together doing something you both love or try something new to you both, like taking a cooking class, visiting a traveling art exhibit, or attending a concert.

11. Create a personalized playlist.

Curate a playlist of songs that remind you of your mom. Include songs she loves to sing, tunes from her teen years, and even her favorite worship songs. Throw in an unexpected song to bring her back to when you were a kid, like the theme song to Barney or Sesame Street. (This is a fun one to ask your kids to do for you!)

12. Make a memory jar.

Scripture stresses the importance of remembering. Psalm 77:11 reads, “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.” When we take the time to remember, we can more easily see God’s faithfulness and love for us. Looking back and remembering our moms offers similar benefits. Ask family members to fill the jar with notes recalling favorite memories shared with her.

13. Send video greetings.

Ask family members and friends to send short videos saying why your mom is so amazing. Maybe your mom prayed over your best friend before her wedding. Or your mom always serves in the infant room so she can rock the babies and pour into new mothers each week. Your mom probably has no idea the difference she makes in the lives of others. So, go ahead and give her a glimpse.

14. Create a gratitude journal.

Who says gratitude journals belong only at Thanksgiving? Mother’s Day can be a great time to start one, too. Ask each family member to write down things they appreciate about your mom (or grandmother) and share them over brunch.

15. Pray for moms.

Motherhood never gets easy. Each season comes with its own set of joys, heartaches, challenges, and triumphs. The Lord knows this so well. Be intentional about praying for the mothers in your life. Ask God to sustain and encourage them. Lift up each mom by name and include specific requests you know they carry. Try these prayers for moms to get started.

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