Prayers For Moms

Maybe you’re a new mom, an empty nester, or someone who has lost their mother, but the truth is that all of us experience God’s goodness when we sit with Him in humble prayer.


Look below to find the prayer(s) applicable for you and take it as an opportunity to encourage your prayer life with Jesus!


The Prayer for The One Who Lost a Mom by Ryn Tomlinson

The Prayer for New Moms by Lauren Harber

The Prayer for Moms with Young Kids by Elise Rieff

The Prayer for Moms with Teenagers by Susan Marks

The Prayer for Empty Nesters by Karen Stubbs

The Prayer for Single Moms by Grace Richmond

The Prayer for Step Moms by Cynthia Bradford

The Prayer for Foster or Adoptive Moms by Katie Kenny Phillips

The Prayer for Grieving Moms by Janette Henning

The Prayer for The One Waiting to be a Mom by Kaitlyn Harris


You can also see the full package of Prayers for Moms to share with your friends and loved ones by clicking here!


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