Seeking God’s Heart

Seeking God’s Heart is the heart of how Jesus instructed us to love God and commune with the Holy Trinity. Thirteen years ago, when the Lord led me to write Seeking Daily The Heart Of God — I felt my Father’s pleasure. I sat before Him in silence and solitude listening for the Spirit’s prompting to pen words woven through heaven’s filter for wisdom — not my own. 
Today, I am drawn even more to experience Christ’s unfailing love in the aloneness of pain and in the joy of God’s presence. The fellowship of suffering brings death to my desires and resurrects His desires deep in my thirsty soul. The journey is not always smooth and fun, but sometimes rough and hard. All good and bad is a necessary tutor for me to better know my heavenly Father’s heart. 
Since becoming a grandparent ten years ago, God’s love has overwhelmed me in the life of these precious little ones. I should not be surprised, for such is the Kingdom of God. Their pure hearts point me to the pure heart of God. Their trusting minds remind me to embrace a childlike faith. Their humble requests revive my bold prayers, that lie dormant under the doormat of my pride. Their genuine hugs ooze with the compassion and comfort of Christ. 
Their laughs and funny words, remind me to laugh at myself, exposing my intense habits and fears that cause me to take myself way too serious. As I learn about God, grand parenting is an honor to point my grands to God. Seeking God’s heart is found in other pure and humble hearts who are abandoned to Him.
Another defining life event that has caused me to seek the heart of Christ is the loss of my mom two years ago. A single mother’s love is like a rare and costly jewel, beautiful to behold and a worth that exceeds any earthly appraisal. Its valuation is in the Lord’s love. When she was alive, I would catch myself being aggravated at the 20% of our conversation that I considered her over “mothering”. “Son, bad weather is coming your way”. “Son, you are working too much.”
But now that she is in heaven, I rarely ponder the 20%, but celebrate the  80% of her influence that God used to mold me to become more like Jesus. I miss mom. The hole in my heart is only filled by the love of the Holy Spirit. I still grieve from time to time, shed tears, and long for her to be near. So in my loss, by God’s grace, I draw near to His heart to receive holy comfort for my soul.
Maybe like me, a health issue has pursued you over the past decade. I don’t like not being in control and being unsure of my physical future — though I know in my mind, no one gets out alive! In weak moments, I have a pity party — only I attend. I am learning to avoid “feeling sorry for myself” and invite God to work in me and through me. I remind myself to take one day at a time, and to be grateful in the moment — for today.
Knowing, I have no promise of tomorrow. I long to seek and love the Lord while He can be found, and I want to be a faithful lover of people. This re-release of Seeking Daily The Heart Of God is now, Seeking God’s Heart. So, seek the Lord’s heart often over this next year — as He loves your heart. Enjoy God’s pleasure!
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