A Mother’s Prayer Over Her Son

If you are the mother of a son, read and release this prayer in faith over him.

“My son, I pray that love and light would radiate through every fiber of your being.

Thank you, Father, for putting myself and others in a position to love and sow into this son of mine. Let all who dare to say that they love him feel the burden that it is to be an example. And let us all, together, absolutely cover him with encouragement and selfless love.

I am so grateful to be his mother. His primary, earthly source of affection, adoration, and encouragement. Prune me so that I may simply be a reflection of you and your love. This is my call, Father, to love him like you love me. Fierce, abundant and unconditional love that is always dependable. Use me to be a leader and to raise him up with each passing day. Let my words and actions be nothing but a banner of love over his life. And when my efforts fall short, Father, would you please show up and fill in the gaps. For all I am is a branch off your vine.

In Jesus’ name, out of the abundance of love that my son has soaked in, he will freely give to others. For this world needs men who are lovers, in spirit, in word, and in deed, and he will be that man. Let the amount of love that has been sowed into him be multiplied 10 times over to where he can’t help but pour into others.

Cultivate a heart of compassion and conviction to be a leader of love in his family, in his community, and in this world. His smile will be genuine, his heart will be pure, his hands will provide, and his love will be intentional. His wife will know that she is cared for by him like you, Jesus, care for the church. His children will see that his love is the most powerful force in the family. Your favor, God, will rest on this family for generations to come.

Be with Him so closely that the Light of your Word stays on in his heart, and on his tongue, every day. Give him full and unhindered access to your Armor so that he can love, protect and provide for his family in the fullness of his call.

Thank you, Lord, that the words I am releasing in faith and in prayer right now are being written in the tablets of the angels, and they will come to pass.

Now you, my son, have what it takes to be a light. You have all you need to be a fighter, an advocate, a lover of all people, and I will do my best to pave the way to show you what that looks like. I love you dearly and immensely. Amen.”

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