Love & Obedience: A Spring Awakening

As March graces us with its presence and the vibrant palette of spring unfolds in all its glory, our Divine Conductor orchestrates nature’s grand awakening with meticulous care and artistry. Amidst this enchanting metamorphosis, the world around us whispers secrets of love and renewal. The concept of love—not merely a fleeting sentiment, but a profound force that shapes our actions and beliefs—takes center stage as fragrant blooms and rejuvenating breezes remind me of the fundamental truth that loving God means unwavering obedience and a commitment to faithfully following His commandments.

This seasonal shift stirs thoughts of budding relationships, the allure of indulgent spring breaks, and the promise of new beginnings. However, for me, spring serves as a poignant reminder that love is not just a concept but an all-encompassing force that fuels our faith, fortifies relationships, and empowers us to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.

Fuels our faith.

In the Bible, love is perceived as a verb—an action word that challenges us to keep God’s commandments (John 14:15). By actively living out these commandments, we reveal our unwavering faith in Him, reaffirming our dedication to loving God above all else. With each deliberate choice to keep His commandments, we exhibit our trust and belief in His perfect plan for our lives. Just as trust communicates love to the men in our lives, our trust and faith in God echo our love for Him.

Being a widow without a romantic partner has granted me a unique perspective on love. It now signifies a daily commitment to prioritize God, synchronize our desires with His, and have faith in His goodness and wisdom, especially when the road ahead appears uncertain. With each changing season, I’m prompted to reflect on the significance of consistently embracing this form of love in both my thoughts and deeds, understanding that God’s love never fails. Although this journey is not always easy, the rewards we receive are immeasurable.

Fortifies our relationships.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts, representing a time of rejuvenation and growth. It’s the perfect season to nurture and strengthen relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Keeping His commandments transforms us into vessels of love, spreading His goodness and light to those around us, fostering deeper connections, and creating lasting memories together. His love allows us to see past differences and embrace the beauty in each individual, just as God sees the beauty in each of us.

Love—in the sense of keeping His commandments—can heal and restore what was once broken. By choosing to love God above all else, we can love ourselves and others more deeply and completely. The arrival of spring fills me with a burning desire to be more loving towards those in my life, to let go of grudges, forgive past hurts, and mend broken relationships that may hinder my journey toward a more loving and harmonious existence.

Frees us to make a positive impact.

Love is not just an emotion; it’s a powerful force that frees us to impact the world positively. When we choose to love God and others by keeping His commandments, we’re actively choosing to be agents of change and bring light to a dark world. Love compels us to serve others, spread kindness, and be a beacon of hope to those in need. It’s through our actions that we can truly show the love of God to others.

As widows or singles, sometimes it can feel like we don’t have much to offer or contribute to the world. But through God’s love and our commitment to follow His commandments, we have an incredible opportunity to impact our communities positively and beyond. The arrival of spring also serves as a reminder that love fuels us to be agents of change and light in a world that desperately needs it.

As the season of renewal unfolds, let’s remember that love is not just an abstract concept but a powerful force that fuels our faith, fortifies our relationships, and frees us to make a positive impact. Let’s keep God’s commandments and let His love transform us from the inside out so we can spread His goodness and light to the world. Love is truly what makes life worth living, so let’s make it our mission to share it wherever we go—this spring and always.

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