Love Will Remember

God is Love

God remembers, Love remembers

This time, this epic time our Grandchildren will look back as a time to remember with a smile.

A time when the world stopped…

A time when schools closed.

A time when children stayed indoors.

Trains, planes, subways, buses, automobiles stopped…

Restaurants turned off the stoves as they shut the doors.

A time when medical staff risked their lives as they walked into the fire. They displayed to us all relentless courage under fire.

Memories of a time where God met peoples thirst as they went into solitude, silence and prayer. They took time to go into the sacred center of adoration, thanksgiving and praise.

A time of discovery where God spoke to us of our unique calling in this hurting world. In this time of discovery and wonder we discovered hidden beauty within us as well as the people we dearly love. We took time to LOVE….

An epic time where we fought for the vulnerable and weak by doing nothing at all except praying that God would care of them.

A time of reflection as we bow before God knowing He will take care of all of His beloved children.

History will remember that when the virus left, love showed up more radiant than ever before. Couples went into their homes in strife, when they came out they walked hand in hand. They allowed God to enter into their homes as He brought in love in the middle of anger.

Love showed up in history as people hugged tighter, kissed passionately as they learned in the silence of their homes that we are in the midst of God’s love. 

History will remember a turning point in all of our lives to never stop dancing and loving in the storm.

Love moved first, Love is God.

We will leave our homes praising God with passion and abandonment.  We are ALIVE, Breathing…..let us start a LOVE REVOLUTION, displaying kindness where there was anger, peace where there was chaos.  Tears of joy for no reason in particular, just because we can.  We CAN CHOOSE JOY, We CAN LOVE WITH ABANDONMENT.

Let us Lord, be us be an instrument of your peace…

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