What I’m Learning From Watching My Daughter Become a Mom

In 2001, Todd and I welcomed into our family, 15 year-old twin girls, Marlene and Marilin. They had been special to us at that point for many years, but the time had come for our relationship to go to the next level and the stories from those early years have been well documented in blogs and books.

Then last fall, Marilin and her husband Rory surprised us with the news of their pregnancy and as you can see from this picture, I was delighted and surprised.


Although to someone from the outside, our family might seem unconventional, to us, it’s long been natural and the feelings of being an impending grandma washed over me instantly. This long winter, as we’ve prepared our hearts for Aurelia’s spring arrival, I’ve been thinking a bit about new life.

1. God numbers our days. God created Aurelia for all of eternity. We don’t know how many days of her life she’ll live on earth, but he does. No matter what happens in her life, God has ordained all of them before any came to be.  Psalm 139

2. God would have died just for Aurelia. I can’t help thinking I would do anything for this little girl, wake up in the middle of the night, start a college fund, give her a kidney. The sacrifices I am willing to make are a shadow reflection of Jesus’ sacrificial nature God stamped in us. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure this little girl has a way to connect with Him. John 3:16

3. The moment I learned of her, I was completely enthralled by her. God loves me even more than I could ever love Aurelia. We can’t wait to celebrate her first day of life, her first tooth, her first word. God is the perfect version of that, delighting in our growth and maturity, cheering us on when we take steps forward. Zechariah 3:17

When I want to give Aurelia gifts, I’ll think about the giver of all good gifts. James 1:17

When I want to dream about her future, I’ll think about a Father who plans for our hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11.

All this new grandma can hope for, love on and think about comes from the God-stamp he’s put on my heart. Aurelia’s name is written in the palm of His hand and for that reason, this new life is worth celebrating!

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