How to Teach Your Kids About God

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “What are your tips on how to share our faith with our kids?” No small question, right? And to be totally honest, I usually stutter a bit not knowing how to respond. Because though we try to be intentional in many ways, the majority of the times we talk about our faith, it’s unplanned and slips in naturally. So today I will share several practical tips on teaching your kids about God, but I want to start with the easiest (and most powerful) thing we can do that can easily get overlooked.

Invest in Momma’s relationship with the Lord

First and foremost, we will show Jesus to our kids by how we are living out our faith in front of them. What’s in our heart is going to naturally flow out (Proverbs 4:23). If we have a faith that’s on fire, if we grieve our mistakes and confess them to the Lord, if we seek God’s guidance for decisions, we are modeling a life after God that cannot compare to a lifetime of simply saying the right things without SHOWING them a life after God.

You can’t teach something you don’t understand or something you don’t believe in. It’s your passion (or lack thereof) that will speak volumes to your kids.

Y’all know I’m all about creating products that help you consistently meet with the Lord and have undistracted time that draws you closer to Him. If we are having that consistent time with Him, peppering our days with conversations, short or long, with God, doesn’t it make sense that our kids will be in the path of that?

Can I confess? Besides actual prayers, I don’t have written down as a goal to specifically teach our girls about prayer but because it’s a natural part of my life, it’s happening more and more as my own faith has grown from morning and nighttime conversations with God and an all-day conversation.

And while you’re praying for your marriage, kids, family and friends, pray for a sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading. Pray that if you can start a natural conversation about God when you’re at the zoo looking at the unique features of a giraffe, that God will prompt you and help you see the opportunities.

And you don’t have to do this all alone! We live in an amazing age full of mommas (and dads too!) who had an idea for how to teach their kids about God and made it available for all the other mommas and daddys too.

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