FC Interview: Jeff Grenell

In his new book, Gen SeXYZ: Love, Sexuality & Youth, author Jeff Grenell, a nationally recognized youth ministry veteran, looks unflinchingly at the many factors — and false narratives — shaping the sexuality of Generation Z, those born (roughly) from 1998 through 2013.

Grenell delves into topics like the present sexual revolution in America, over-sexualization in culture, the lack of influence of a healthy family and marriage on teens, homosexuality, “hook ups” and teen dating relationships, virginity, gender nonconformance, and other vital (and often thorny) issues. He provides current research, thoughtful analysis, and guidance for all generations in an effort to bring about much-needed change

Grenell has spent more than four decades inspiring and training youth leaders. “I never want to win an argument and lose a friendship,” he says. “Given the moment our youth culture is in right now, it is important that we define and redefine love and sexuality from a biblical perspective. But we’ve got to do it with truth and grace. We need to teach young people how to communicate with each other about their differences. This book demands that the greatest impact a generation could have on their contemporaries is to help solve the worst of its problems. Christian young people need to understand that their influence on their friends is dependent on love and truth.”

Gen SeXYZ: Love, Sexuality & Youth includes: 
— Practical knowledge from youth ministers and other church leaders 
— Advice for teenagers and young adults to develop a Christ-centered life 
— Well-researched facts about what impacts teenagers’ decisions Tools to launch a spiritual revolution of love   

“To deal with the topic of sexuality and youth requires that we completely understand God’s love and truth,” says Grenell. “His love is the grace of relationship and how we behave in the argument; His truth is the holiness of sexuality and what we believe in the argument. I have watched far too many discussions on this topic turn into arguments and, ultimately, anger — and then hatred. And ending in broken relationships. Hopefully, by the end of this book, we can all say we have understood and loved a little more.”  

This conversation is so rich and filled with Jeff’s tremendous wisdom from his years of study, of leading and loving people, and of standing up for his values in a way that is winsome even for those who do not agree.

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