Cynthia Yanof Introduces NOTEworthy Kids

Remember the lunchbox notes from Mom that always made your day, regardless of age, of grade? I know I do. author Cythnia Yanof introduces NOTEworthy Kids – 50 Encouraging Notes Every Child Needs to Receive, a tear-and-share resource that creates an intentional, thoughtful way for parents to communicate with their children.

With such a wild year ahead, as parents continue a shaky, unknown schedule of balancing working from home and working from the office, this tool is essential to sustaining healthy conversation and words of encouragement. Now, more than ever, children need truth, hope, and love spoken into their lives and the situations they face, as they learn what it means to stand firm in Christ’s truth, despite culture and wild times.

Check out Family Christian’s exclusive interview with Cynthia to learn more about how you can access this fantastic family tool.

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