Choosing the Right Daycare

Every family’s home situation is different. But I would argue that most families are all looking for the same things when choosing the right daycare. Trusting your kid in someone else’s hands is a big decision and can whip up fear and anxiety within us. But God does not want us to have a spirit of fear, but instead a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

So when you begin the daycare searching process, live in power by using resources to inform you. Love your little by choosing a safe and comfortable place for them to spend their days. Maintain a sound mind by being open to God’s direction. 

Live in power by using resources to inform you. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right daycare: 

  1. Price point. This may seem obvious, but it should still be square one in the process. Finding your max price point may lead you to not being able to pick your ideal daycare scenario! But God calls us to be wise with our money just as many times (if not more) than He calls us to train up our kids wisely. So don’t go in the hole choosing a daycare, friends. Option B will present itself soon.
  2. Teacher’s values. I’m not necessarily saying that you should ask your prospective teacher what their religious values are. However, it is vitally important that your teacher plans on upholding the same kind of structure and behaviors that align with yours. Not just to minimize conflicting training methods, but also to ease your little’s mind and reduce their confusion. Your little is most accustomed to the structure and behaviors that you maintain in your home. So love your little by choosing a safe and comfortable place for them to spend their days.

    Things to ask:
    — How do they discipline?
    — Do they have kids themselves?
    — What is the day-to-day structure at the daycare?

  3. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Daycare, Nanny, in-home daycare, etc. – whatever you choose, find the reviews. Ideally you can find three separate families to have an extensive conversation with about their experience. The third party has the advantage of familiarity that you do not. Write down your list of questions and write down their answers to read later.
  4. Listen to your gut. Last, but certainly not least. You know your child best. After you have collected all your information, you are free to let your subjective and totally biased opinion hold a lot of weight here. Let your heart play a factor and maintain a sound mind by being open to God’s direction. 

Good for you for being your little’s best advocate by putting time and effort into choosing the right daycare. I’ve been blessed with an amazing daycare situation because I followed these guidelines. I hope that by the end of this searching process God will bless you so that you may feel just as comfortable and safe that your little will feel as well.

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