7 Bible Stories for Kids

The Bible is the living word of God, full of wisdom, with examples of faith that come in all shapes and sizes. The Bible isn’t just for a specific age group though; these stories can be influential for children and adults alike. It is through some of the most iconic Bible stories we learn many important lessons that we can share with our kids. Rooney loves the story of Moses, and we’ve had many sweet opportunities to talk about the parallels between God sending him to deliver His people out of slavery and the coming of Jesus to rescue all people everywhere. She thinks it’s cool that the Bible brought both them both on the scene in special carriers: Moses in the basket and Jesus in the manger.

Want to create fun family moments with easy to understand Bible stories for children? Here are seven to get you started: 

1. Daniel and the Lion’s Den

The story of Daniel shows us the promises and faithfulness of God in the midst of trials. Daniel continued to pray to God each day, even though it was outlawed where he lived. This decision ended with a pit of lions and a whole lot of God-given courage. Daniel continued to display his faith, even when everyone else was telling him he was wrong. He prayed for courage that only God can give us and ultimately showed everyone around him how great our God is. To share another story of bravery with your kids, check out Abigail: The Belle of Bravery who calls on the courage of God to boldly face any problem with confidence.

2. Noah’s Ark

This one never gets old. A story about a boat and animals seems like the perfect thing to get our kids’ attention, but the story goes so much deeper. God commanded Noah to gather wood and build a huge ark to gather his family on. In the desert. With no sign or even likelihood of rain. Not only that, but God asked Noah to also bring two of each animal with him so that life could begin again after the flood.

The story of Noah is one of extreme faith and unexplained patience. Noah built a big ark, even though it made absolutely no sense. Though he didn’t understand, he trusted God through each step of the plan. He was patient in the journey, not knowing how the story would end. If you and your children want to read more stories about other heroes in the Bible who displayed faith like Noah, check out Esther: The Belle of Patience as she teaches our daughters how patience is a superpower that helps us wait and trust in God’s perfect timing.

3. Jonah and the Whale

What could grab the attention of kids more than a man who lived inside of a whale? Jonah made a bad decision, doing the opposite of what God asked him to do. The outcome: he was caught in a storm, jumped overboard and was protected in the belly of a whale. He spent that time praying, committing his life to God and His will. Prayer is such an important aspect of our relationship with God and is something we have the opportunity to teach our kiddos about from an early age. To read another story about the incredible power of prayer, Hannah: The Belle of Prayer will help continue this conversation with your kids.


4. David and Goliath

A young boy, not nearly as experienced or strong as his brothers, was able to take down a giant with a slingshot and a single stone. Even though he wasn’t who everyone expected, he boldly stood when an entire army trembled. How often do we bow out because we think others are more qualified? Let’s teach our kids that with God’s help, they can be leaders in the most unexpected ways. Deborah: The Belle of Leadership is a great book to help share this concept of Godly leadership with your kids.

5. Joseph and his Brothers

Joseph wasn’t exactly loved by his brothers; they did everything they could to do him in. They even went so far as selling Joseph when their father gifted him with a special coat. For just about any of us, this would be enough to disown our family members for the rest of our lives. However, through a series of God-orchestrated events, Joseph was able to show real loyalty when he forgave his brothers.To encourage your kids to love others faithfully, Ruth: The Belle of Loyalty is a great book about putting others’ needs above your own. 

6. Adam and Eve

This is the story that started it all. Without the story of Creation, the rest of the Bible wouldn’t exist. It is the single moment in history that displayed God’s power more than any other. He simply spoke and the earth, sun, moon, stars, animals, and plants were created. He breathed into the dust and humans were formed. Have fun sharing this story with your children and talking about how a powerful God also cares about even the smallest details. 

7. The Good Samaritan

A story of mercy and love. Countless people passed by a man needing help on the side of the road, ignoring the fact that he was even there at all. Finally, the Good Samaritan not only paid attention to the man, but he ended up helping him, nursing him back to health. So often people choose to ignore those who need help, writing them off as “less than” or “unworthy.” But God calls us to do just the opposite. We are to treat those around us with the same love that He shows us. We are to love our neighbors, no matter what. 

These seven Bible stories for children are a great way to introduce lessons that are shown again and again throughout the Bible. It’s never too early to start connecting them to the amazing heroes in the Bible that point us back to our great God.

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