3 Things I Want My Girls to Know About Boys

How often do you talk to your girls about boys? Not with the focus of when they can or cannot date them, but with a heart to really understand who they are in Christ or how to relate to them?

In my house of daughters, boys are foreign creatures! Not really…but sort of. Let’s just say that we love “Daddy” but we love being girls as well. With hair bows, glitter glue and painted toenails, we often celebrate how wonderfully made, precious and unique we are. I know that glitter is not what makes us girls…but it sure makes being a girl fun!

It’s funny how the mention of a male classmate can cause two very different reactions. It causes my girls to be completely grossed out or they just can’t stop giggling about him. I’m not sure of the exact day when this response will change (and I am not convinced that it will ever disappear completely) but even now there are some things I want my girls to remember about these aliens living in our midst!

Genesis 1:27 sums it up like this:

So God created man in His own image;

He created him in the image of God;

He created them male and female.

I want my girls to understand that boys are:

1. God’s Creation.

Just like girls, boys are fearfully and wonderfully made and it matters to God how we treat them. They deserve our love, our kindness and our respect simply because they too are God’s children—God’s boys!

2. Our brothers because we have the same Father.

As our girls grow up and hormones begin to take over, we must remind our girls that boys are their brothers and that they must do their best to point them to Christ. It is important that they remember this in their conversations, in their appearance and in their attitudes.

3. Purposefully made to be different than girls.

We are all created in the image of God, meaning we display his character and attributes but no matter how hard our society tries to make boys and girls the same, the truth is that we were made to be different. And that is perfectly ok because it’s the way God designed us!

I encourage you to talk to your girls about boys!

Remind your girls that the boys that will one day become their husbands were created as their brothers first.

Start the conversation:

  1. Why do you like being a girl?
  2. What’s one way that boys are different than you?
  3. How does knowing that boys and girls have the same Father change the way you treat them?
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