Marriage as a Brand

Even if you’re not in the business of marketing brands, (even though you probably are), you know the power of a highly influential brand. Whether it’s a celebrity or a product, you are engaging with significant brands every day — most of which have constructed their brand influence very carefully and with lots of investment and strategic planning. 

What if we considered our marriages as having the potential of great brand influence?

Play the game of brand strategy as applied to our marriage. 

When we set up a process to explore and improve a brand’s strength, we need to ask some questions. How are we known, how do we wish to be known, what are we doing to create a deliberate reputation or an accidental image? Do we have the best goals in place and plans to achieve them?

Then we create a strategy to improve success. Growth.

How would you consider your marriage to be [even] more successful? 

The most interesting thing about considering our marriage as a brand is to realize the impact of the singular unit of us on the world in which we reside. Our children and grand children, colleagues, friends, neighbors. What would they say?

When we can step outside ourselves and think about our marriage as a brand, we begin to see the powerful potential of the union unto itself — supernatural inner strength, facing intentionally outward.

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