Let Me Love Like Jesus

I went to bed in turmoil…..an issue of the heart with someone I dearly love. Hard to sleep, my heart is heavy, my heart is shattered. I know that you Lord are larger than the battle I am under.

God woke me up in the middle of the night as he told me the answer. I was amazed at the answer — something I would have never have thought of…”that’s brilliant God,” I said. “Of course it is my Love.  I thought of it, I am brilliant love.”

I fell back into peaceful sleep. In my dream Jesus united my heart deeper with him and those I love. The power of love answers all our questions and heart dilemmas. What is love? In one word…Jesus. 

He is my courage when I’m weak in the dead of night.  I will trust you Lord, I will fear no more. No power can come against me because Your love has overcome all. No darkness can overwhelm me because You have overcome. Greater than the battle raging in my mind. I will fear no more.   

It is so very noteworthy that love is the strength of the heart, love is the power in making its way to God, love is the strong chord that unites us to God and to one another. Love wins….always. 

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