Understand the Trapped

Yes, I’m compassionate for those who feel this virus has trapped and betrayed them.Trapped in their homes, maybe lost their jobs, no end in sight…

But can you step back, pray for a heart of mercy for those are trapped in sexual exploitation? For those who have lost EVERYTHING. No jobs, no boundaries, no dignity, nothing except pain. No end in sight except the sight of horror. Hope was thrown out the window long ago.                                 

To say sane you hide, stay small, don’t feel, don’t cry out. Act dead. We feel like our soul and heart has died. (I say “we” because I too have lived in this place of horror). When you don’t know what to do with the pain, you rock yourself into a trance (it’s called dissociation, it saves you from
the atrocities you are enduring).

There is no end to the horror you are enduring. You feel like no one cares if you die. Alone, cold is all you know. 

You wake up after a night of horror glad to be alive. Breathing, but not quite sure if you’re happy you didn’t die during the night. There is no end, no hope, only suffering. So please step back, take time and pray for those that are going through the unspeakable pain of sexual exploitation.         

Does God hear your pain? Absolutely! But the story is bigger than yours. 

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