The Top Tips for Portion Control

While I am a full believer in moderation, and sometimes eating things just for enjoyment, I think the best way to control your eating is by learning what a proper portion size actually looks like. Portion control matters. Unfortunately, proper serving sizes have been crazy BLOWN up this day in age.  Just go to a restaurant or look at the “serving size” on the back of ice cream.

Let’s be real. You and I both know we ain’t only eating ½ a cup of the stuff.  And don’t try to measure it out to see what it looks like.

It’ll make you cry.

How do you measure portion sizes?

So, what constitutes a proper portion and how do you measure it? Well, you see those things at the end of your arms called “hands?” They just so happen to be SUPER helpful in giving you a good estimate of the proper serving size for YOUR body, without having to obsess about counting calories.

Here’s the general rule of thumb.  Or “rule of hands:”

  1.  Take your hand make it into a fist. PRESTO! One serving of whole grain carbs should be roughly that size.  Wasn’t that easy? You fist will also tell the proper portion of vegetables to eat!
  2. Now, what about protein you say?  Take your hand and put it up to your face. Whatcha see? Your palm? GOOD.  A proper size of protein should be the size of that right there.
  3. What’s left?  Fat.  Look at your thumb. That right there is the size of a proper fat portion, like cheese or nuts!

 I bet you thought your hands were only for picking up that fork and allowing it have some face time. BUT NO SIREE.

Now that you know exactly how to figure out your portion size…

3 Top Tips for Portion Control

  1. Use small, salad plates instead of large dinner plates. I mean, it’s REALLY hard to over-fill a salad plate.  I use this trick ALL THE TIME.
  2. Drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. Are you still hungry? Eat! If not, you were probably just thirsty.
  3. Use plates with color contrast to your food. When the food just blends in with the plate, you’re likely to eat more of it.
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