My Healthy Smoothie “Formula”

So many of you are LOVING the #FreshFitnFIVE concept I shared and it makes me so happy seeing all your posts over on Instagram! (tag me if you make a #FreshFitnFIVE meal/smoothie!). But I’ve gotten a few asking me to share an example RECIPE of a FreshFitnFIVE healthy green smoothie, because of not knowing what to put in it, or the ratios of things to add.

Because of that, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to WHAT is the perfect formula for a FreshFitnFIVE Healthy Green Smoothie, and some examples of different ones I’ve made to help give ideas of different flavor combinations to try! Here’s the video version if you’re more into watching it actually be made!

The FreshFitnFIVE is a fun concept I put together to help my friends, clients, and all of YOU, create balanced meals and smoothies, WITHOUT all the crazy rules and dieting restrictions. It’s a simple, practical way of making sure what you’re eating is not only packed with nutrition, but is balanced with the right nutrients to curb those cravings, eliminate those feelings of just wanting to keep eating, and keep you feeling energized, through honoring your hunger hormones.

Your hunger hormones control your appetite, and whether you feel “hungry” or “full”. But when not eating balanced meals (and not having balanced blood sugar), along with some other lifestyle habits, these hunger hormones can get out of whack, which can cause us to overeat.

Instead of trying to find the “willpower to stop eating”, focus on the #freshfitnFIVE to balance your meals and snacks, balance your blood sugar, and as a result, keep those hunger hormones happy and working correctly!

The #FreshFitnFIVE

1. Protein: Adequate protein in our daily diet is super important for not only lean muscle synthesis, but for certain processes in your body (including metabolism!).

2. Healthy Fats: Fat does NOT make ya fat. Healthy fats are super necessary for hormonal balance and protecting vital organs. Also for transport of certain vitamins!

3. Smart Carbs: Carbs are NOT bad. I repeat, they are NOT evil. It’s just about trading processed/refined ones, for more whole, nutrient-dense ones, and pairing them with a healthy fat or protein to slow breakdown and digestion of it! That way, your blood sugar stays happy!

4. Fiber: Keeping you regular (hello needed bowel movements daily!), and adding bulk/volume to your meals to help you feel full and stretch the stomach lining (which helps stop the release of the hunger hormone Ghrelin)

5. Boosts! Simply to boost the flavor to make healthy eating YUMMY, without a ton of empty calories. This can be anything from extracts to spices to powders and more!

FreshFitnFIVE Healthy Green Smoothie Formula

Here’s a basic formula so you can switch it up and make them different flavors! This can also be used for a night-time “milk shake”!

1. A carbohydrate (1 cup or 1 fruit, such as a small banana):
— Frozen Banana
— Frozen Blueberries
— Frozen Strawberries
— Frozen Mixed Berries

**Frozen fruit is just as nutritious if not more than fresh fruit, and it serves as the ice in the smoothie, so I love keeping bags of frozen fruit on me!**

2. A healthy fat:
Nut Butter (1 tbsp)
— Avocado (¼ of fruit)
— Chia Seeds (1 tbsp)
— Flaxseeds (1-2 tbsp)
— Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (1-2 tbsp)

3. A protein:
Protein Powder (1 scoop)
— Greek Yogurt (½ cup-1 cup)

4. Fiber:
Spinach (1 handful)
— Greens Powder (1 scoop)
— Chia Seeds (1 tbsp)

5. Boosts!
— Essential Oils are my FAVORITE thing to boost my smoothies with because of add benefits!

A. Thieves Oil for supporting immunity + adding such a yummy fall flavor!

B. Lemon/Orange Oil (sunrise smoothie with almond milk and vanilla protein for a yummy citrus cream swirl!) – boosts immunity + antibacterial properties +

C. Peppermint Oil (add cocoa and you got a yummy peppermint chocolate flavor!) – helps support digestion

D. Ginger Oil (make a yummy fall flavored smoothie with this and pumpkin!) – anti-inflammatory properties

— Cinnamon (battles inflammation)
— Ginger (battles inflammation)
— Cacao/Carob Powder
— Peanut Flour (PB2)
— Maca Powder (hormonal health)
— Acai Powder (antioxidants)
— Liquid Flavored Stevia
— Ice (to make more like a frosty/milkshake)
— Vanilla Extract
— Dash of Sea Salt

*Not part of the FreshFitnFIVE, but necessary for a smoothie…liquid!*

— Unsweetened Almond/Non-dairy Milk (1-1.5 cups, depending on desired thickness)
Coconut Milk/Water (1-1.5 cups, depending on desired thickness)
— Water (1-1.5 cups, depending on desired thickness)

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