Losing Your Passion (& Tips to Help!)

Passion is something I talk about a lot over on my Instagram, and something I’m very, well, passionate about! But this post is going to be different from most recipe posts. I’m opening myself up and sharing real life with you all today.

Why? Because social media tends to falsely portray perfection. Everyone posts photos that make it seem as if their life is incredible, borderline perfect. And no one ever posts photos that show the real stuff, the messy stuff, the behind-the-scenes ugly stuff.

This is also something I’m passionate about, reminding people to NOT compare their behind the scenes to others’ highlight reels (or fake reels for that matter). Not that I’m perfect in avoiding it altogether whatsoever.

I’m on the journey with you guys. The journey to discovering (and rediscovering), true happiness (no relationship/circumstance defining it), genuine self-love, and a crazy passionate lifestyle that is fulfilling and makes you excited to get up every morning.


See, sometimes people lose their passion and fire inside because of being burnt out.

And then some lose the fire because of going through a hard season.

I’ll be talking about the latter …

I came up to Tallahassee after a super exciting summer filled with incredible internship rotations and experiences, along with so much free time to pursue my personal passions I’ve found throughout the years here on Fresh Fit n Healthy.

I was on fire.

The first week back up here before school began, I quickly created a schedule I was super excited about. 6AM crossfit class, and then a local coffee shop from 10AM-4/5PM, working on some pretty cool projects that I wanted to create for you guys.

I didn’t know how I’d feel about starting back up crossfit again after being away from it all summer, but within the first week, the people I saw every morning when I showed up at 5:50AM, reminded me why I loved going. Old faces and new faces.

I had a joy and fire in my soul for everything. Simply put, I was just excited for LIFE.

Happier than I had been in awhile.

But then life got messy. Real messy. Real quickly.

As my one close friend and I (half) joke about a lot (especially recently)…


(but seriously, something I need … )

And I began feeling a lack of passion and happiness because of my current circumstances.

I began feeling like a failure, like I messed up too bad to recover, like I didn’t measure up in areas.

Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the darker seasons or the hard stuff sometimes. BUT something I’m coming to learn (I say coming because it’s a work in progress this last week) …

We can’t let our hard times or the past define us.

Or sometimes, it’s not even an issue of going through a hard time, but simply not valuing your life enough to believe you deserve “the GREAT”.

And because of that, you settle for a safe, passion-less life.

But most importantly, we must value our lives enough to create a lifestyle that is fulfilling: full of life, full of purpose, and full of joy.

Even in the midst of life’s valleys.

And that’s easier said than done.

But one thing I have come to learn, is that my past failures and struggles have made me into the person I am, and have given me a strength that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

And I must remember how the past has been turned into the good, in order to keep my head up when times get rough once again.


And instead of falling prey to feeling bad for myself, or feeling sad and losing all the passions that once lit my soul on fire … I must fight back. You must fight back.

And we must be motivated by the hard times, instead of be overcome by them. 

We must find the purpose in it all. We must find OUR PURPOSE.

So if you’re in any tough season today, feeling a lack of passion, realizing you’ve lost that excitement for life … you aren’t alone. We all go through those days. Whether social media shows it or not.

Because we all know that social media portrays the highlight reels, and not the messy, yucky, real stuff. Right? Which is why I try to share posts like this, to remind you that we ALL go through rough patches. We all struggle some days. We all use filters on our not-so-perfect life.

But the most important thing, is that you take steps today to rediscover those passions and light that fire in your soul again.

Don’t let fear hold you back from living a fulfilling life. Don’t let the feeling that you’ve “failed” or “messed up,” lead you to believe you can’t start over again tomorrow.

Don’t let your past define your future.

I’m not perfect. You aren’t perfect. Life sure isn’t perfect. We are human.

But letting yourself get stuck in your past mistakes or letting the dark times put out the fire deep down inside of you, is not the solution.

It’s a daily fight.

It’s a choice to overcome & live FREE & victorious.

You were made for great things. You have an incredible purpose in this life. BELIEVE IT. Find courage to keep that fire going inside of your heart, even when it’s dark out.

What steps will you be taking today to keep that fire lit or rediscover your passion?

Tips for Overcoming & Not Losing Your Passion

1. Journal through your thoughts/struggles …
– so that it doesn’t eat away at you!

2. Find true friends and community …
– to walk through the hard season with and encourage you when you can’t stay positive yourself

3. Make time for yourself …
– to rekindle the things you used to find joy in

4. Despite wanting to “keep busy” so that you don’t have to think about things, make time to be alone …
– which is needed in order to process things and heal

5. Remember past struggles, how you overcame, and how they were used for your good …
– to frame your perspective for today and find hope.

6. Remind yourself that your life has GREAT VALUE and PURPOSE …
– Don’t settle for just “getting by” in life.

7. Don’t let your past define your future…
– Messed up? We all have. Begin again now. Start fresh. Don’t let the past hold you back from taking steps to a better tomorrow.

8. KNOW that you will come out stronger from what you’re going through…
– And that it will all be turned to the good!

9. Don’t give up.
– Some days will be harder than others. Stand strong, and when you can’t stand any longer, lean on your friends or fall on your knees in prayer <3

And one last note:

Here are 5 things to STOP doing, that will help you in this journey to a passionate life. These 5 things will PREVENT you from ever living the life you were meant to live <3

1. Trying to please everyone

2. Fearing change

3. Living in the past

4. Putting yourself down

5. Overthinking


Sarah Grace

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