How to Survive Bathing Suit Season

So, here’s the deal. I’ve memorized all the Scriptures that tell us we are beautifully and wonderfully made. (God’s truth is legit, yes!) I’ve agonized with God over body insecurities. I’ve done the whole 30-days-to-a-beach-body routine and failed. This year, something. must. change.


The best conclusion I’ve come up with on how to survive bathing suit season is this:

Change the atmosphere. Create a culture that celebrates God’s creation. Draw confidence from His beauty rather than our preconceived, unattainable notions of what beauty is or should be. Steer the attention away from insecurities and point it back to Jesus.

Let’s not miss it. Let’s not leave memories on the table because we were too bound up by our body junk to enjoy, really delight in the dog days of summer. Create a culture that celebrates God’s creation. Change the atmosphere.

You see, we have the opportunity to bring to the pool, beach, lake, river, park … the representation of God Himself. The Spirit in us is bigger than the bumps of cellulite or the extra 10 pounds in which winter left in its wake. Summer is here and His beauty abounds. We were created to enjoy and delight NOT cower and hide away.

The waves call our name.

The sun sparkles.

The lightning bugs chirp.

The juicy watermelon overflows.

All to HIS glory.

So why should we slap our Lord in the face by trashing His creation with ugly thoughts and words about our body — HIS CREATION?

I propose that we bless others by creating a culture of celebration as we gather ’round the pool or layout at the beach. Don’t you know the gal right next to you has her own issues? Don’t you know that Jesus speaks through YOU straight to her heart when we cultivate an atmosphere of lifting up? For when we redirect the conversation, insert Truth in our poolside convos, encourage and affirm, HE IS GLORIFIED.

The practicalities of surviving the bathing suit season:

Cover yourself in prayer. Simply put. Ask God to push out your grumblings of body fat or imperfections with revelations of His grandeur. His grandeur fills the atmosphere. Pray, pray and pray some more, friends.

When we dwell on Him more than ourselves we see ourselves in a new light — His glorious light. Let God speak to those places in your heart that struggle and agonize. He takes great care in showing how He loves and adores us. The evidence is all around when we lived entangled in His presence, beauty, love rather than self-focus.

So let’s not just survive the bathing suit season.

Let’s live a summer season of delight.

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