Healthy Morning Routine

One thing I talk about a lot over on Instagram through posts and my stories, is the importance of a morning routine. Simply because I know when I’m sticking to my healthy morning routine, I also set my whole day up for success as a result! Starting your morning with something that ISN’T just shutting off your alarm and hitting the ground running, will really help you not only feel in a better place mentally, but physically and emotionally too.

So let’s talk about this healthy morning routine. I want to break down how my healthy morning routine is going right now. I’m sure it’ll change slightly as the months go on, as it always does. And when I get married in May of this year (2019), I KNOW it will change!

1. No Snooze + Vitamins

— I wake up and TRY not to press snooze. That just sets me up for laziness throughout the rest of the day.

— I take my vitamins with a glass of water before even getting up. I keep them at my bedside so I have NO excuse to not take them/forget to do it.

2. Personal Hygiene

— I head into the bathroom and brush my teeth/wash my face (Have to keep those teeth pearly white for my Disney-loving dentist fiance!) I’ve been trying to stick to all-natural products, because I wasn’t feeling very well last year and began doing research. I’d highly suggest looking into typical household products and the harmful ingredients they can have in them.. I was shocked!

3. Food or No Food Right Away?

— I then always try to get some kind of movement in right away, simply to get that blood flowing. It helps me be more focused for the rest of my day! But I gauge hunger at this point too. Typically I eat pretty late the night before, and I’m okay to just go do my workout/walk without anything. But sometimes I DO feel hungry, and if so, I LISTEN to that and grab a couple energy bites from my fridge or make a quick piece of toast before my workout. If I’m doing a later morning workout, I definitely get a little something in!

4. Movement!

— Back to the movement part: So if I’m planning to do a later afternoon spin class or wait to workout when my fiance gets off work, I typically go on a walk just to get some steps in. Either way, I do some kind of movement whether it’s my workout or just a walk! For workouts, I’ve been doing anything from an at-home workout in my own fitness guide or a run, a cycle class at my gym if I’m too lazy to push myself, or a strength workout on my own at the gym!

5. Fueling That Body

— Then I come home, make my #freshfitnFIVE smoothie that is packed with ALL the nutrients to curb cravings, fuel that body, and prevent overeating, along with making my cup of coffee, and I head into my room to do my “devo time”, where I read through my devotional and some scripture in the Bible as I journal through it. I’ve been going through a Bible in a Year Devotional with my fiance, so my quiet times are LONG with how much reading they give us each day!

6. Organization & Work

— Then it’s time to make my “to do list” for organizing my mind of the things I MUST do this day, and then it’s off to work! At home, because I work from home. Or a coffee shop.

If I were to break down the components a a healthy morning routine, so that you can make it your own, here’s how it would go! I’m not going to make yours be as long as mine, but just give me 30 minutes. That’s all I ask for when it comes to creating your own healthy morning routine!

10 Minutes of Moving Your Body

— Whether it’s longer than this because it’s your actual workout of the day, or it’s just a quick 10 minute walk with your dog or body squats in your living room, getting that blood pumping is key!

10 Minutes of Personal/Spiritual Growth Time

— Taking a little time for YOU and your wellbeing, is so huge! Whether it’s starting a devotional like I do, or simply reading a book/listening to a podcast, do something that personally grows you. This is one of the first steps of learning to take yourself off the back burner, as most of us have gotten in routine of doing.

5 Minutes of Relaxing Activity to Center You

— Maybe this is prayer like me, maybe it’s some light stretching or meditation. Whatever you want to do that will set the tone of your day in a peaceful, de-stressed state (versus hitting the ground running after the 2nd alarm, and being super stressed)

5 Minutes to Make a #freshfitnFIVE Smoothie

— Or any other #freshfitnFIVE breakfast that will fuel your body well!.

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