“Healthy Foods” That Aren’t Truly Healthy

Some health foods out there aren’t truly healthy. Here are a few foods that aren’t actually nutritious, and some labels to be cautious of!

Many foods out there and labels on products nowadays are giving people a false idea of what is truly healthy and what is not. Labels such as gluten free, organic, fat free, and all natural can be very misleading, depending on the specific product that it is on. And because of misleading labels, people are consuming these “healthy foods”, believing they are being healthy. When in fact, they aren’t.

So this post is here for just that! Breaking the myths of some of these commonly seen labels, while using 6 food products as a few examples of these healthy foods that aren’t actually healthy.

5 words commonly seen on labels of “healthy foods” to be cautious of:

1. Organic

2. Gluten Free

3. Electrolytes

4. All Natural

5. Veggie

Oh and trust me, there are SO many more… Like fat free, sugar free, whole grain, ect. But today’s video, we’re exploring those 5 above.

And don’t scream at me yet after reading organic, telling me that organic DOES matter. Because you have to listen to the video as to what exactly I say about it before doing so.

And if you like the video below, I’ll explore some other misleading healthy foods and labels!

But until then, watch the video and let me know in the comments below what foods you find in YOUR KITCHEN, that you thought were healthy but aren’t actually nutritious. 

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