FC Interview: Scott Sauls

A few months ago, one of the most prolific Christian authors and thinkers of our time released a book called A Gentle Answer around the same time that our society erupted with pain and confusion and anything but gentle answers

Recently Ryn Tomlinson had the chance to chat with Scott Sauls about his purposes for writing A Gentle Answer, how he sees it impacting the world in which we live, and his hopes for those who choose to read it. 

In a defensive and divided era, how can followers of Jesus reveal a better way of living? How can they be the kind of people who, as Proverbs puts it, “turn away wrath?” 

A Gentle Answer points the way by helping readers receive Christ’s own gentleness, nurture softened hearts in light of Christ’s gentleness, forsake us-against-them postures, and embrace the gentle way.

This book is especially for those who desire a more civil, countercultural way in a perpetually angry, attacking, outraged time. 

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