FC Interview: Nick Loeb

Nick Loeb is a director, producer, and leading actor in the recent film Roe V. Wade which aims to highlight some of the hidden true stories behind the controversial and historic Supreme Court ruling on the case that the film is titled for.

In this interview, Nick discusses his desire to create the film, some of the censorship their team has faced both personally and professionally, and why they didn’t explicitly create this as a faith-based film.

As I was watching the film, I was surprised by how little faith was mentioned because I assumed it would have been a more central element. After talking to Nick, I understand why they chose not to focus on the faith aspect of the argument & deeply respect their reasoning. Culture may expect this film to be condemning toward those who had had abortions, but that isn’t the story this film is telling.

More than anything, it served to highlight the facts that were censored from the public at the time of the ruling and are still being censored to this day. Abortion is never an easy topic to talk about, but this film does a beautiful job of following the journey of one of the leading doctors responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions through his involvement in the case. It also highlights a life-changing moment that the Lord used to shine a light into his heart that revealed the severity of what he was involved in, and his ultimate repentance and turning to the Lord.

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