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We were made for intimacy — spiritual intimacy with God that brings oneness and bears powerful fruit. We were made to know him and be known by Him, fully. So why do we often feel burned out, distant, and disheartened in our faith journey? New York Times Bestselling Author Mo Aiken is back with a new book, Fully Known: An Invitation to True Intimacy with God. Mo invites readers on a faithful, pure-hearted, and transformational journey into an active communion with God.

Fully Known is for people who …

  • Feel disconnected from God
  • Feel burned out from religion
  • Desire to understand what it means to actually have a relationship with God
  • Hunger for more in the faith but feel stuck and hopeless
  • Want to discover how physical intimacy and the Gospel relate

Fully Known will help any believer discover the blueprint our creator has given us to guide us into and through a lifelong journey of true, ever-growing, dynamic intimacy with Him. “Wherever you are, whatever relational condition you are in, whether single or married, the degree of intimacy we are going to unveil through these pages is available to you right now,” says Aiken in Fully Known. “We can and will discover the restoration of right-natured intimacy in our lives, as well as begin to identify and rectify what stands in opposition to His model — finding healing, freedom, and power as we seek to align our lives with his will, and His ways give us new sight.”

This conversation with Mo (and occasionally, Auden ) was so deeply rich of Mo’s insight and revelation from God on His beautiful gospel as revealed both through the scriptures and through the Jewish traditions and practices to foreshadowed God’s intention for His bride. As Mo’s friend, I have watched as she has walked through a deeply healing and truly enlightening faith journey with the Lord. We sort of walked into similar seasons in our faith at the same time and went two very different routes, only to end up right back in the center where God is always so faithful to return us to when we ask Him to.

In a western world known most recently for Christians that are deconstructing their faith but rarely for reconstructing their faith, Mo’s book is a voice crying out in the wilderness with a longing to help people hold on to and learn more about the beautiful God that they seek. Fully Known begins with a reminder of who we are as the Imago Dei, who God is, the frustrations of the Christian life, and God’s ultimate goal for His beautiful creation and everyone in it.

It was, for me, a personal revival. There were so many moments when I was stopped dead in my tracks and thought to myself, “WOW.” I truly felt revived in my soul & spirit.

Here was my personal note to Mo as I was finishing the final pages prior to our interview:

Friend, the humility breathed into these pages is proof of your hard-fought struggle. It is truly born of the Spirit. I can sense so much nurture & care through what you’ve written & though nurture is a part of our nature as women, deconstructing lies can leave us bitter if we don’t submit that to the Healer. The words in this book speak to the evidence of your submission to Him.

This book is calling us to be transfigured into God’s truest intention for us. You are a prophet for this age. When I started deconstructing false doctrines in my heart, I said to God “you’re the best thing I’ve ever known & I’m not going anywhere, but right now nothing makes sense. Help.” In a world lost in spiritual disintegration that they want to call deconstruction, it is very hard to find anyone who wants desperately to hold on to God, & ALSO to honor Him in humility & repentance. But it is only humility, repentance, hard work, & communion that is able to rebuild if the foundation is to be Christ. All other houses of cards will fall.

You are teaching us how to commune & co-labor with the Carpenter. In a world where the church is averse not only to hard work but even averse to effort, a calling to carpentry is a hard sell …. but a necessary one if we are to love God & the current & future states of his church.

It’s also calling a social media generation who’ve lost the ability to commune even with each other to communion with God himself. It’s like a foreign language in this culture esp after Covid, but you do such a good job of explaining order & symbolism & structure & meaning that it draws the reader in and captivates the heart to the possibility of something more.

This is what everyone is looking for but has no clue that it’s what they need. I will pray that the Lord put the title in the hearts of his church and lead them to your Holy Spirit breathed words so they can find freedom and purpose. ♥️

To which she responded:


Hold on…going to cry for a while

Your words are beautiful and capture the heart of my greatest hope with the book


I pray you enjoy this interview, and whatever you do, be sure to grab a copy Mo’s book here!

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