FC Interview: Janette Henning

Recently, my husband and I went to Giving Company’s special screening of I Still Believe, the beautiful love story of Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his faith-driven, fearless first wife, Melissa.

Melissa and Jeremy’s love story starts off the same way that every other young college couple’s love story should. They are all heart eyes—innocent and mesmerized by one another, particularly one another’s faith in Jesus.

Not long after they start dating, Melissa is diagnosed with stage-three ovarian cancer, and while most people—including Christians—would ask questions and turn to bitterness and anger to feed their grief, Melissa and Jeremy turn to Jesus for joy in this journey. They face fear with the truth that the God of all things good has her health and their love story in His hands, and regardless of how her life story unfolds, in life or in death, they are honored to give God the glory in it all.

(If you don’t need to reevaluate your own faith, no worries. But I left the theater with mascara running down my face and a deep, deep thought: If I were Melissa, and I were in her shoes, could I be selfless enough to tell God that His story for my life is not only just and good, but that I’m content playing whichever role he casts me for?)

Melissa said that if just one life was changed by her story, even in her death, then it was all worth it. This powerful testimony rings true in iDisciple’s new book release, Melissa, If One Life. Melissa’s mother, Janette Henning, compiled all of Melissa’s journal entries through her walk with Christ and narrates the beautiful truth, joy, and comfort that Melissa found in knowing Jesus—even amidst her battle with cancer.

To dive deeper into Jeremy and Melissa’s testimonies, check out I Still Believe. You can also visit www.ifonelifebook.com to find out how to preorder your copy of Melissa, If One Life.

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