An Enneagram Guide to Christmas…

It took a while for me to catch Enneagram fever, but after being told I was a “seven,” I decided to learn what everyone was referencing. The Enneagram is a tool for self-awareness and good community life, and in my house, it’s spurred lively conversation and inspired self-awareness.  I am not an expert, just a fan, but after listening to podcasts, and reading books, here are my know-your-number suggestions to celebrate this season.


1: Ones are known to be improvers, they point out where good isn’t enough when better is possible. To that end, ones, while you are show us love through your intentional details, make sure your holiday plans aren’t all projects. You deserve experiences to be enjoyed with the people you love.  

2: Twos are helpers, and these elves will make everyone’s holiday dreams come true. There are so many ways to spend our time and dollars this month, be sure that where you are lending your gifts fills you up. You want to feel a sense of satisfaction (and not fatigue!) when it’s all over.       

3: Threes are achievers and it’s possible they have all their to-do lists already accomplished. If that’s the case, take a minute and be proud of yourself- you won the Christmas game! Now on to unplugging and holiday shenanigans. You’ve earned it!

4: The creative fours are pouring so much of their individual selves into this season. We see you! You are makers and creators, and are thinking deeply about how to express your Christmas spirit using your hands, heart, and mind. Thank you for taking it so seriously.

5: These are the gift givers whose generosity we will remember long after we’ve opened their gift. Why? Because they have searched and investigated the perfect gift for each person. We know them as curious and perceptive, and even though they are often comfortable alone, we love being your friend.

6: These loyalists aren’t canceling any commitments. They can be counted on this season to do what they promise. Bring the turkey? They’ll do it. Organize the family gift for Mom? This is their jam. They are interesting to sit next to at dinner and will work hard not to let you down.

7:  As an enthusiast, the seven loves a holiday. They’ve probably had their decorations up since they blew out their Halloween pumpkins. They posted on Instagram when the Starbucks red cup came out and the first snowfall. They want the whole enchilada- pine scented candles, gift wrapping parties, late night holiday movie binges. Count them in, they’ve waited all year for this!

8: Being married to an eight, I have benefitted many years from how they rise to a challenge. Find this one-hard-to-find gift?  Check. Figure out how 35 people can be seated for a holiday meal at a table for 12?  No problem. They won’t back down or accept defeat, so having one in the household for all the strength this season requires, is a gift.  

9: These easygoing peacemakers make some of the best holiday company. They are open to eating in or going out, they are willing to exchange gifts or sit this year out. They aren’t stressed about what hasn’t been wrapped and are wondering when they sit with you, not what you can do for them, but “How are you doing, really?”

However you are made, and however you are facing the holidays, remember God made you exactly how He wanted. So, embrace the uniqueness of your family gatherings, this season could be your best one yet!


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