FC Exclusive: A Blend of Professionalism and Purpose in Today’s Christian Entertainment

How do you define Christian entertainment?  

For some, it’s a safe space, a promise that when they hit “Play”, the content and quality of the film will be safe for all eyes and ears. For others, it might seem less entertaining, or it might present near-flawless Christian characters who are hard to relate to.  

In my years as a Christian school kid and Sunday School perfect attendee, I’ve heard all the things from all the sides 

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Sleeper Agent don’t mind presenting a flawed, fumbling, relatable lead character who takes viewers on a wild ride through his Christian/Spy/Action/Comedy film.  

Sleeper Agent’s main character, Walter Goertzen (Klassen), would love a life of action, the sort of life that’s secretly packed with foreign lands, revolutions, and grand missions, but when his childhood fascination with espionage is crushed by adulthood’s nine-to-five demands, he’s stuck working at a warehouse and stumbling for a deeper purpose in life.  

Walter’s comedic adventure unfolds as he’s unexpectedly handed his dream of being a sleeper agent, but this role comes with high demands, great risk, and bravery, which challenges Walter to rise to the occasion and find true fulfillment. 

Refreshing, huh?  

“The story comes from all four of my grandparents [who] fled Russia right before the Russian Revolution, and they came to Canada,” lead actor and co-writer Leland Klassen explains. I was kind of thinking about that—I love spy stories and spy movies, and it just struck me one day as a funny concept for someone to think they might be a generational sleeper agent from Russia.” 

Klassen joins fellow co-star, Gigi Orsillo (playing Kate), and lead director, Nathan Blair, on a special conversation with Shari Rigby, actress, director, producer, and author of iDisciple Publishing’s Consider the Liliesto talk through the beautiful blend of professionalism and purpose in today’s Christian entertainment: 

“The benefit of being in a calling like this, is that you know God is going to be working through that. That you get to see Him do cool things on a daily, if not hourly, basis,” Director Nathan Blair says.  

While Blair admits that creating a collaborative Christian/Spy/Action/Comedy film seemed challenging, the rewards (and laughter) were well worth the final product.  

Laughter is so good for the heart, and it’s so fun to have a clean comedy that a whole family can watch,” actress Gigi Orsillo explains. “I was excited to be a part of it from the very beginning.” 

Visit Christian Cinema to watch the wholesome, action-packed Sleeper Agent today! 

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