9 Soulful Summer Vibes: Crafting a Faith-Filled Summer Playlist

Have you created your family’s summer playlist yet? Music is a powerful tool for nurturing our children’s and our own faith. It can lift your spirit, give words we cannot express, carve truths in our hearts, connect us, and help us praise and worship our Lord.

“My heart said of you, ‘Go, worship him.’ So I come to worship you, Lord” (Psalm 27:8 ICB).

3 Tips to Curating the Perfect Playlist

While you could go to your favorite music app and allow it to decide what you and your family are listening to, being a little more intentional with your songs could yield big rewards: more joy, identity building, connection, conversation, and worship. Here are three tips to help you create a playlist that is meaningful for your entire family.

Invite Your Kids to Help

You don’t have to wait for your playlist to be complete before using it as a discipleship tool. Psalm 8:2 says, “You have taught children and babies to sing praises to you.” (ICB)

When I asked my kids to help me curate this list for you, my girls felt empowered and excited. It gave them a voice and helped them to feel that what they had to share was important.

When we ask for our children’s input and use it, it helps build their identity and helps them take ownership. We want our kids to own their faith so that when they’re ready to fly the nest, their faith goes with them.

My girls were also excited to listen to a lot of music to help me choose just the right songs, and they were eager to listen to the finished playlist.

By inviting your kids to choose, you will build their confidence and curiosity. Two big wins for discipleship.

Add Church Favorites

By adding the songs your church sings on Sundays to your at-home playlist, you’re helping your children actively engage in worship with the congregation.

Often, our kiddos can’t follow along with the words on the screen during worship. By singing these songs together at home, children become familiar with the lyrics and can more fully engage in worship.

Seek Suggestions From Friends

The third great place to get new song suggestions is from your friends. I posted this playlist on my social media and got a lot of wonderful suggestions. I learned of new songs and artists, and I was reminded of some older goodies that I love.

Soulful Summer Songs You’ll Love

Here is the playlist I put together with input from my children, friends, and the songs we sing at church. I hope this list will inspire you to create your own!

Good Day by Forrest Frank: Looking for something upbeat, easy to sing, and full of fun? This song plays on repeat in our van, especially when we need a little boost in our attitudes and a reminder that God knows our names.

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective: Though it isn’t a new song, it reminds me of abundant life. The lyrics aren’t all sunshine and rainbows, but they remind us that following Jesus can be engaging and exciting.

Build a Boat by Colton Dixon: Many favorite Bible stories revolve around boats. This song will spark your family’s imagination and provide opportunities for conversation.

New by Lauren Daigle: When I asked my kids for help curating songs, they insisted that Lauren Daigle make the list. We listened to several of her songs, and while some of the older songs are favorites in our house, this more recent song was the one they chose. This one will provide the background for some powerful conversations on becoming a new creation in Christ.

Kids by Citizens: Pull out the air guitar. This one is full of identity-building lyrics and catchy melodies.

Praise by Elevation Worship featuring Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, and Chandler Moore: Kicking off with fun claps, your kids will be able to join in and worship before they even know all the words to this song.

The Prodigal by Josiah Queen: Your kids will love bopping along to this song, especially the chorus. It will help you and your family reflect on what is leading you to God.

More by Jimmy Clifton: This song is a little slower, but I can’t help but imagine sitting by a bonfire on a summer night surrounded by friends and family while eating s’mores.

Unstoppable by Crowder: I grew up in a bluegrass family, so this song caught my heart from the very beginning. It also has a great message with lots of fun lyrics your kids will enjoy singing. Get ready for giggles and dancing.

Listen Intentionally

Though some people think real life isn’t like a musical, a playful and worship-filled life can be. Our family breaks into songs throughout the day, whether they be real songs or things we make up.

By using your summer playlist with purpose throughout your summer days, you too can live like you are in a musical, and every moment is just one beat away from breaking into a song.

Here are some ideas based on Deuteronomy 6:6-7 of when and where to listen to your playlist to help your family grow in your faith.

  • When you are home: Whether you are doing chores around the house or having a backyard BBQ, let these songs be the soundtrack of your summer days.
  • When you are on the road. Taking a road trip or spending the day on the beach? Take the worship on the road.
  • When you lie down. With the sun up longer, bedtime can get challenging. Why not have a worship and dance party after dinner to use up a little more energy before starting that bedtime routine?
  • When you get up. The first three minutes of a child’s day are a key moment for setting the tone for the day. Why not set a tone of worship and your eyes on Jesus?

What’s On Your Summer Playlist?

Grab your kids and start building your soulful summer playlist! Change the songs as often as you need, adding and deleting them to fit your family’s needs. Worship, enjoy and connect with your family through music.

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