5 Things You Need to Tell Yourself Today

Do you sometimes feel as if life is too overwhelming? While we all go through challenges at different phases of life, it’s important to remember that you can push through! Here are five things that you need to remind yourself of today:

1. This too shall pass

We’ve all had days where it’s one thing after another. We ask ourselves, “When will it end? When will life get better?” The answer comes in one more pound of bricks landing on your head, heart, or wallet.

We don’t want to live our lives in a “this too shall pass” state of mind. But some days, “repeat as necessary” might be your best bet.

2. It’s not worth it

Resist the temptation. Regardless of how badly you want to tell the person off, no matter how good it will feel, even if they really deserve it, don’t stoop to another person’s level. Don’t retaliate.

I can’t say it never works. But I can say out of the 267 times I did it — very few success stories came from it.  Most of the time, we make matters worse, look as crazy as the other person, and end up being more upset than we were in the first place. We knew better!

3. Let it go

The grudge. Your pride. Your regrets. Whatever is in the way of you being the best version of yourself, let it go.

Life is short, and there are so many battles we must — and are supposed to fight. The thing is, we spend a lot of time avoiding the ones that matter and trying to win the ones that don’t. Our ego gets in our way. We “find reasons” to avoid spending time with the people who matter most to us and instead hang around people who agree with us. We pattern our lives so that we feel good — while managing to hide from our own truth. Our lifestyle is so “normal” that rarely will anyone question it.

Let “normal” go. Whether you see it right now or not, it is hurting you. It is holding you back. You were made to be extraordinary.

4. I’m a catch!

Be the person you want to spend time with, the employee you want to work with, the boss you wish you had. Treat your mind, heart and body with the respect you deserve. Know how valuable you are.

God tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves, yet half the time, we’re our own worst enemy.

This is definitely a problem! It’s also what brought on the whole “love yourself” tidal wave. And like many other things we took it a little far. Which brings us to number five…

5. You don’t need another selfie

Period. Done. You just don’t.

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