5 Ideas For Creating Spaces of Family Worship in Our Homes

How often during a typical day do you think about worship? Perhaps several days go by before the topic even crosses your mind. It’s easy to focus on worship when we’re at church on Sundays, but how do we incorporate it into our day-to-day lives? How do we model to our children what it looks like to create daily habits of worship? We don’t need to overcomplicate it. If we’re intentional, there are several ways we can worship together as a family daily. To do that, though, we have to understand what worship is.

When you hear the word “worship,” singing might come to mind. While that can be a powerful form of worship, the term means so much more than just singing. Worship is how we express our love and adoration of God through our lives.

As Christians, our outpouring of love for Christ should be abundant in our homes. But, if we’re not deliberate about it, it can be something that gets overlooked or neglected.

So how do we make sure, in our already busy lives, that we prioritize worship as a family?

1.   Worship While Bonding

Worship while bonding is one of the simplest ways to add worship into your daily routine. It doesn’t even require carving out extra time. Simply add a spirit of worship to what you’re already doing! Turn on your favorite worship music while you’re doing an activity with the kids—whether it’s while you’re in the kitchen cooking a meal together or when you’re helping your kids with their homework.

Other times could include when you’re doing a task you don’t necessarily enjoy, such as folding clothes. It refocuses our hearts on God instead of the task at hand. Laundry and worship party, anyone?

2.   Incorporate Family Devotionals

It can be easy to fill our family’s schedules to the brim. Between work, sports, church and other extracurricular activities, finding time to connect as a family over God’s word during the week can be difficult. However, if we consider raising kids who love the Lord as a top priority in our lives, we need to treat it as such.

There is beauty in coming together with your kids to read and discuss biblical topics together. Adding family devotionals to your routine gives you an opportunity to connect, ask questions and learn together. It’s incredible to watch your kids grow in biblical knowledge and understanding. You may be surprised at how much they know!

3.   Set an Example

Our children are always watching and paying attention, even when we don’t realize it. They pick up habits from us just by observing. While this can include negative things we do, it’s also one of the best ways we can show them what’s important in life.

  • Let them hear you sing along to your favorite worship song in the kitchen.
  • Let them see you reading your Bible in the early morning hours.
  • Invite them to join in as you go to God with your troubles or seek His wisdom in decision-making.

Telling your kids something is “important” is one thing. They will learn much more about priorities from observing how you spend your time.

4.   Talk About “God-Sightings”

Throughout your day, point out God’s presence in the little moments.

Talk about the beauty in creation as you admire the colors of the sunset. Discuss ways that you saw God’s love demonstrated through others. Name the characteristics of Jesus that you see within your kids.

If they’ve shown kindness or encouragement to others, teach them that those attributes are from God. Ask them what they are thankful for at the end of the day, and thank God together.

We mustn’t separate our relationship with God from our day-to-day life; instead, we must acknowledge Him in every area of it.

5.   Create Christ-Centered Habits

You know how they say, “Old habits die hard”? Well, that’s sometimes a good thing! Creating healthy habits while your kids are young is one of the best ways to set the tone for when they’re older. Let them get in the habit of:

  • Spending time in God’s word
  • Singing worship songs—in the car, in the shower, in the living room
  • Praying throughout their days
  • Going to God right away with what’s on their hearts instead of as a last resort
  • Making lists of things they’re grateful for
  • Noticing and talking about God’s presence throughout the day

Habits like these will help Christ become an integral part of who our kids are. These practices will keep their hearts focused on Him in a world that is full of distractions.

Every Day Worship

The Creator of the Universe deserves our praise, not just once a week but every day of our lives. Let’s turn daily worship into the “norm” in our homes by demonstrating what it looks like to center our lives around our adoration for Jesus Christ.

Teaching our children how to slow down in this busy world and focus on what’s important is one of the best things we can do as parents.

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