3 Productivity Tips for Working Moms

I believe God is my Savior and if anything is accomplished in my life, it’s because I’ve relied on Him. He “holds it altogether” (Colossians 1), but in the meantime, the struggle of meal prep, school appointments, maintaining time for friendships and work deadlines is real. 

We are all one good tip away from improving our life systems. While I ask God regularly for more joy, peace, discernment, wisdom, I also regularly ask Him for more capacity.  

Here are three favorite tools I use to increase my capacity. 

1. The TickTick App  

This is not a paid advertisement. I found TickTick through someone I interviewed on a radio show after asking them how they keep straight their many projects.  TickTick is a productivity app. It means I can be away from my home or office and have a thought about a person I should call, or an idea I should write about, or a to-do that comes to mind and using the app, record it for future reference. Bonus: TickTick lets users share lists with different people. I have one with my husband and another with my assistant. It even has a satisfying “ding” sound when you complete your task.   

2. The Notecard  

Every night, I get out a new 5×8 notecard and write tomorrow’s date at the top. Then I draw a line down the middle, putting the non-negotiable schedule on the left (pick-ups, meetings, appointments) and the hope-it-gets-done list on the right. It helps me feel like I am in control of my day instead of the day is happening to me. I decide my priorities, both personally and professionally, and meal plan for the next day on the card. I look at gaps and decide where I might multi-task or let someone know the night before if I have scheduled something I can’t possibly pull off. At the end of the day, it’s satisfying to throw away the card and imagine the possibility of the next day’s adventures when I begin again. 

3. The Scroll  

On our pantry door, we have a kraft paper decorative scroll where I write the meals and activities for the week. My teenage and young adult children write their work schedules and when they won’t be joining us for a meal. This family calendar keeps me from answering questions about where people are and what is for dinner and allows everyone to engage in an agenda other than their own. After work, it helps me meal plan so I am not faced with the what’s-for-dinner dilemma.  

These three practical tools help me maintain a rhythm of people and tasks throughout my day and week. Each day just happens once, and we exchange it for activities we pray add up to a life worthy of the calling He has for us. Let’s steward each day as wisely as possible.

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