25 Random Acts of Kindness to Do as a Family

It feels cliche to say the smallest acts of kindness make a big impact, but when you’re on the receiving end of the act of kindness, you know this saying is true. I still remember the day I went into labor with my third child. I’d just dropped my children off at preschool and decided to get a coffee and a donut. I rarely eat donuts, maybe once every couple of years, but I thought, “I’m going to treat myself today.”

As I pulled up to the drive-through window and rolled down my window to hand my credit card to the cashier, she said, “Oh, the person in front of you paid for your order.” It was the most minor thing, but tears came to my eyes as I drove out of the parking lot.

RAOK Remind us of God’s Love

The act of kindness reminded me of God’s love and made me smile. We often don’t know how our small acts impact someone else’s heart, but that should not stop us from doing them.

Especially in a world that often feels dark and scary, what if our families could bring a little light to the world? What if we were intentional about teaching our children empathy and kindness?

As moms, we’re often busy, but with intention, we can fit random acts of kindness into our lives. I’ve created a list to get you started, but I want to encourage you to have a conversation about kindness at the dinner table. Go around the table and share what makes you feel special and loved. Then, brainstorm ways you can bless someone else together as a family.

Here is a list of 25 Random Acts of Kindness for Your Family:

Bake cookies together and take them to a neighbor.

Make daddy’s lunch and put a special note inside his lunchbox to remind him how much you care for him.

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through line.

Write a handwritten note to a friend who has impacted your family. Tell them why you love them!

Go to a friend or family member’s house and write notes of encouragement on their driveway with chalk.

Leave snacks and water bottles on your front porch with a sign for postal workers.

Have your kids choose a few toys at the dollar store and leave them in your car. Next time you see another family out and about, bless them with a toy!

Go to your local park and pick up trash.

Write and decorate cards of encouragement and bring them to your local nursing home.

Have your kids go through their toys and make a donation pile to take to a shelter or church.

Before you enter a store, tell your kids to be on the lookout for someone who needs help. Offer to help them take their groceries to the car or hold the door open as they leave.

As a family, choose someone to pray for and then text them to tell them how you prayed for them.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Go to a restaurant and leave a big tip for your server.

Offer to return someone’s shopping cart for them.

Bring coffee, tea, or a homemade to your child’s teacher.

Donate to your local homeless shelter.

Paint rocks with uplifting sayings and hide them at your local park.

Find a charity you’d like to donate to as a family. Save money in a jar for some time, and then donate the money you’ve collected.

Make dinner together for a family in need.

Offer to help a neighbor, whether watering their flowers or walking their dog, see what they need help with!

Wash a friend or family member’s car.

Make cards for kids in your local children’s hospital.

Buy stickers at the dollar store and pass them out to kids the next time you run errands.

Smile at a stranger!

Don’t believe the lie that you need to do something significant to change a person’s life. Being present and smiling is something you can do for free that can change the course of someone’s day!

What’s your favorite way to get your family involved in helping others? 

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