10-Minute Essentials Workout

I’m calling this workout “The Essentials.” If you’re new to working out, start here to build a good foundation. Getting confident in these moves before you start branching off too far. These are all around really good movements for your body.

My focus in sharing this workout is to demonstrate and give instruction on how to do the movements correctly to prevent injury.

So let’s get started.

The first one is “Jump Rope”

— You can use an actual jump rope or do it Bethany style. Jump for a minute or two to get your body warmed up. 

Next is Deep Squat

— Sit back as if you’re sitting back in a chair.

— I like to do it with my arms out and up cause it gives them something to do and keeps them more engaged.

— Keep your feet a little wider than hip width. Slightly angled out and squat down, going lower than a normal squat.

— Try building up to do 50 or more! 

Next are Lunges

— With these you’ll lunge forward, Alternating legs.

— Push off with the heel of your lunging leg and make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes.

— Try to get your back knee to almost touch the ground.

— If you want to kick it up a notch, add a jump. 

Let’s move to Tricep Push-ups

— Start in a plank position, hands underneath shoulders, make sure your head is aligned with your spine and tuck your tailbone under.

— As you lower down, keep your elbows close to your sides.

— For an easier version, you can do these on your knees.

— Do 10 of these to start, working your way up to be able to do more. 

Now let’s do Plank

— You can do either a full-arm plank or a plank on your elbows.

— I recommend trying to do both of these and holding each for 30-60 seconds.

— If you start to feel your lower back dropping, then come out of the plank and take a pause. 

Let’s do some Abs. I call this move the “Not-your-Basic Crunch”

— Start in a position to do a crunch with your arms behind your head.

— Using your abs, lift your head and shoulders off the ground and look up and behind you. This targets different muscles than a regular crunch.

— Try to lift your upper body 6 inches off ground and do about 50 or more of these. 

And we’ll end with Bridges

— Head and shoulders on the ground, feet planted at hip width apart.

— Lift your booty and hips up to make a bridge, really squeezing your glutes as you reach the top.

— This helps strengthen the back of your legs and glutes.

— Do it slow and focused. Place emphasis on the final push up with your glute.

— Aim to do 40-50 of these.

Finish with a 15 minute run, walk or dance to your favorite jams. Maybe build up to 15 minutes, or go longer if your feeling it.

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