Transition: Taking Fear Out of the ‘What If’s’

When I was little, change was my kryptonite. Life would be great until….something had to change. I mean ANY change. Friends, schools, pets, and God forbid my parents dare take me out of routine. I wasn’t good at it. Why? Because that meant that my safety zone shifted and I had to shift with it. It took control out of my hands and placed them into somebody else’s. 

Life was more simple in my safety zone. I just wanted to make growing up as smooth as possible. I remember the moment when I knew God was going to shift my perspective on transition. I was on my way to Haiti, a trip I really did not want to be on, but as soon the plane landed on that soil, I felt something in my spirit shift. He was going to use this trip to not only force me out of my comfort zone, but show me that I will thrive in it. I went back to Haiti 5 more times in the following two years. 

Fast forward some, I am now 22, sitting in my car crying out to God because my life had become one big routine. I was not thriving in the way I felt I should be. In that moment, God told me to pack my life into my tiny Jeep and move from California to Texas. My immediate response was yes, but I knew this was no one-week trip to Haiti.

This was a new journey that was going to stretch me to trust Him deeper in the unknowns. These past two years I have been provided opportunity after opportunity to dive into uncomfortable situations and thrive in transition. One of those opportunities was God calling me to quit my job to go into full-time ministry.

Again, this was no one-week trip to serve people. This was a commitment. A leap of faith. These big moments came with a lot of fear and ‘what if’s’. What if I can’t find community? What if full-time ministry doesn’t provide for me to be financially sound? What if I misheard God and I’m really not cut out for this? What if…?

During these times of unfamiliar territory is when I learned what trusting God in the unknown truly means. He wanted to show me that routine wasn’t my safety net, it was a tool used to hold me back. He opened my eyes to see transition the way He does. A testament of faith. A bold proclamation of trusting a God who always has our best interest.

He is a God who takes the fear out of your ‘what if’s’ and fills them with truth. What if I find that God centered community I’ve been searching for? What if God provides for me financially like never before?  What if this is my calling, and I become unstoppable? What if…?

Take Abraham for example. He was a man who faithfully followed the Lord. Did he have his slip ups? Yeah, but, did He continue to step into the unknown? Absolutely. Or Esther. Talk about transition. One day you’re living your normal life shopping in the market, and the next you’re the queen who is tasked with saving an entire people group. Bold faith at its finest. “Give God the right to direct your life and as you trust Him along the way you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly” Psalms 37:5 (TPT)

If you are in a time of transition or boldly stepping into the unknown, let me encourage you that you serve a God who knows you better than you know yourself. He is asking you to trust Him. Give your ‘what if’s’ to God and allow Him to transform the fear into faith.

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