Three Ways Moms with Young Kids Can Start a Bible-Reading Habit 

As believers, we know we should have a Bible reading habit. Often, we are told from the time that we meet Jesus that a Bible-reading habit is vital to our relationship with God, yet we focus on the wrong part of that statement. We focus on the habit and we forget the reason we have the habit in the first place—to deepen our relationship with the Father.  

Knowing that our goal is to get to know who God is and strengthen our relationship with Him shifts our focus when it comes to setting up a Bible reading habit. The goal is no longer to meet Him at the same time every day and in the same way, but the goal becomes finding a way to connect with Him in the messy middle of our day. 

There are so many ways to add that connection with God throughout your day. Some days you might have time for several ways. Some days you might be breathing out a prayer of gratitude as your head hits the pillow. Neither is better than the other, because both are drawing your heart closer to God’s. Here are 3 ways that I try to incorporate that connection into my day through Bible reading.  

1. Read the passage out loud to your kids.  

I probably don’t have to tell you the importance of reading to your children, but just think of all the added benefits of reading Scripture to them. It is okay if they don’t understand it yet. You are modeling the habit for them while building the habit for yourself. Plus, you are deepening your relationship with God as you get to know Him better. Win win win!  

2. Listen to the passage while taking the kids on a walk or running errands.  

When the Bible was first written and distributed, the original audience heard the words read and didn’t have copies for themselves. Listening is a great way of absorbing God’s Word and noticing different words and phrases that stand out to you. It may not be as in depth as studying a physical copy, but it is a great way to engage with God’s Word.  

3. Memorize or meditate on a verse with your kids.  

The majority of the verses that I know now are verses that I memorized as a kid. Even with toddlers, you can read a verse through a few times and even make up hand motions together. You are letting God’s Word sink into your heart by focusing on the verse and strengthening your relationship with your child, too!  

A Word of Encouragement 

Some days, you might have time to read a full chapter. Some days you might have time to read a verse. Some days you might get an opportunity to do more than one way. Each day you have the opportunity to use Scripture to draw your heart to the Father. 

How can you incorporate one of these ways to read the Bible into your day?  

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