The Prayer Gene

The Wife Gene is no joke! But I truly feel like the Wife Gene loses all its power when it’s replaced by the Prayer Gene.

What Praying Does

1. We go off the clock on “husband watch”. We are symbolically putting our husbands in God’s trustworthy hands instead of our own every time we pray. We can stop trying to fix and can simply love our husbands and lift them up to the Lord.

2. Our hearts soften to them. Remember the verse where God says to pray for our enemies? Something happens when we do that. Hopefully you don’t see your husband as your enemy, but maybe years of struggle have pitted you against each other. If you can even have compassion for your enemies, how much more could you discover for the man you once fell in love with?

What Praying Does Not Do

1. Give us a pretty mask for fixing our husband. This isn’t an opportunity for you to sit and think about all your husbands flaws and give that list to God. How can you check your heart on your motives? Ask WHY you pray for your husband? Does it make you feel more frustrated and alert to his failings when you pray? Or does it help you rest in God’s plan?

2. Work like a magic pill. Stay consistent at it. Praying for our husband is just as much transforming our own hearts as it can our spouse’s.

You might be thinking, this is all well and good for most people, but your situation is too extreme. My friend Lara has an incredible story about what the Lord has done through her marriage. I am constantly amazed to see the transformation that has taken place in her and her marriage over the last few years. And she will say boldly that it was all because of the Lord!

I have to say, my own motive to share this post is from one of my goals this month. I’ve been working through my power sheets  and one of my 10 goals for the next six months is to continue to grow and strengthen our marriage.

In five months, we will have a little baby competing for our time and attention and causing more than a few disagreements as far as parenting styles I’m sure. I really wanted to prepare our marriage as much as possible for this time! Some parents would probably say it’s impossible to prepare for it, but there is no harm in trying! : )

For my first monthly goal, I decided to create a PDF so that I could be more purposeful in praying for Tyler.

Truth: I’ve been a Christian for 22 years and still forget how important prayer is and have never consistently prayed for Tyler. I’m hoping to change that!

Maybe you are in the same boat and just need an easy tool to guide you through the process. Or maybe you’ve never even thought of praying for your spouse. Whatever the reason, I really felt the Lord wanting me to share this, so I’m hoping it helps at least one person!

If you are not married, I think it would be such a blessing to your future spouse to start praying these things for that person you don’t even know yet!

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