The Breathtaking Privilege to Pray

Mentoring is an amazing privilege on so many levels. God has chosen you to walk with a particular woman and speak into her life in a way that constantly points her back to Him and His truth. An honor and a high calling! You get to be her friend, confidant, voice of reason and wisdom; one who brings accountability and direction to see her walk the best path. You will rejoice with her, cry with her, empathize in moments of frustration and anger because you’ve been there too. You will celebrate the victories and cheer her on to the more God has for her. And while all those roles are significant and necessary, none compare to the privilege of praying for those you mentor. Prayer has the ability to set in motion life-change that we may witness now, but sometimes the prayers we pray come to fruition years down the road. In referencing James 4:2, John Piper has shared these thoughts on prayer: “It’s simply staggering that God would ordain that prayers cause things to happen that would not happen if you didn’t pray. This is a staggeringly glorious privilege to be taken by the sovereign God of the universe …and folded into His causality. This is breathtaking.” Take a moment and breathe that in and let it take root in your heart. Prayer is a powerful force. And the God of the Universe is inviting us, through prayer, to be history makers and culture shapers. This year is wide open to endless possibilities and we want to encourage you as a mentor to come around your mentees with prayer, grounded in deep belief and faith that God hears your prayers and will answer in His perfect time.
There a few different ways we can be praying for those we mentor:
1. We can pray for specific requests they share.

2. We can pray the Word over them. Maybe they have a favorite scripture or one from FLOURISH that has really stood out to them. Pray those truth’s over their lives.

3. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads. Sometimes, God will reveal a need or direction to pray specifically for your mentee. It may be something that doesn’t need to be shared with her, but meant for you and God to be conversing about.
4. Keep a journal of the things you pray about. And when the answers come, record them. It’s always amazing to look back over a year and see what God has done!
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