The Bible Study Trap You Don’t See Coming

When it comes to studying the Bible, so often we get paralyzed by fear before getting started. Maybe you are worried you won’t do it right. You might think that there is a specific method that you need to learn, or spend time worrying about which Bible translation is most accurate. 

Then, you see so many different Bible study resources promoted on Instagram, it can be hard to know what to use. What Bible teachers can even be trusted? So you add one study resource, okay fine two, to your Amazon cart. Well…maybe one more. 

Your books come in the mail, but while you were waiting on those, you thought that maybe you should get a new set of pens before getting started. You think, can you even mark in a new book without a fresh pen? That’s not allowed. So you plan a trip to Target. 

School drop offs and pickups (not to mention the kid who forgot their lunch box) get in the way of your Target trip, so that delays you even further. Soon, you have forgotten why you even picked out the Bible studies that you ordered on Amazon, and you wonder if God really cares enough to meet with you anyway. One more week without touching your Bible rolls by. 

Has any of this ever happened to you? 

The Trap of Perfectionism

As moms, we feel burdened to lead our kids toward Christ. If we think through that calling, it means that we also need to be pursuing Christ ourselves. However, I find that we can easily fall into this common Bible study trap: The trap of perfectionism. 

But wait, isn’t perfectionism a good thing? It means you have high standards, right?

Yet, perfectionism could be the very thing that is keeping you away from deepening your relationship with God. Perfectionism says, don’t even try if you don’t have everything planned out. 

Jesus says, come as you are (Matthew 11:28). Perfectionism says, try harder. Work more. Be better. 

Jesus says, I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). Perfectionism says, it is all up to you. 

Jesus says, take my yoke instead. Let me teach you (Matthew 11:29). 

You see, the message of perfectionism is completely opposite to the message of Jesus. When we come before Him, ready and willing to see what His Word says about Him, He honors that. And through that? We find true and genuine rest. 

Dear mama, maybe you are worn out, at the end of your rope. Maybe you can’t even imagine adding one more thing to your day, much less something appearing as intimidating or confusing as Bible study. I mean, that takes brain power and critical thinking! But here’s our sweet Jesus’ promise to you: “…I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:29). 

Bible study is not adding one more thing to your day. Instead, it is our humble approach to a loving Savior saying, “I may not have all the answers, but I know You do. I am here, and ready to rest in You.” 

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