Talitha Koum

“He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” ).” — Mark 5:41 NIV 

This year, this phrase has been over my life in a major way. Almost like the Lord has been saying to me …

“Girl, I have so much for you, but you’re going to have to get up and show up if you’re going to ever see My plans for your life blow up. I could do this alone, but for your sake, I won’t. You need to take part in this, but know that I’m in this with you and that I’m drawing you into specific places. Be faithful where you are and be faithful with your talents. You are a beautiful force, and together we are going to do incredible things. So, will you? Will you get up and come with Me?

“We can take baby steps at first, because I’m a God Who operates in grace and mercy … but work your muscles because soon we’re going to walk, and then we’re going to run, and then I might teach you how to race long distances because I’m into endurance. Welcome to the process, My precious girl. Do you know how much I celebrate you? Do you know how much I love your willingness to participate in your own life?

“Facing things and not numbing things … I like to call that bravery. You get a gold star for that. What’s next? Well, what’s next is deciding what we’re going to do with the things we face down because what we absolutely know is that we don’t face down the enemy’s lies just to let them continue to lurk in the shadows of your life.

“I’m a God Who’s always been in the business of turning enemy armies against each other that come against My people as My people praise Me in the midst of their trial. I am a God Who can create self-defeat within the lies of the enemy when you keep your gaze and your praise on Me.

“I am so for you. Let’s walk this out. Together. Take My hand. Arise!”

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