Something Beautiful

Because of this we changed.

And the people stayed home. They began to dream new dreams.

And the people changed because they stood still, rested, read books, exercised, created art, wrote songs, played games and learned new ways of being.

Some meditated, some prayed, some faced their hidden desires and shadows, and others fell in love with their family in a new way as others faced their shadows. 

The courageous warriors fought on the front lines to save the dying, the sick. They ran into the fire not afraid of being burned. They are our heroes.  

And the people began to think differently. Their hearts began to soften, and the people healed, love was born. 

As our world crumbled many clung to hope and were reborn.

And when the danger passed the people came out of their homes with more strength and courage to live life abundantly, because of this.

They grieved their losses, made new choices, danced in the streets, and dreamed new dreams. Were thrilled to be alive and breathing because of this.  

Their prayers changed to prayers of passionate gratitude. Because of this.

*Adapted from the poem Something Lovely by Kathleen O’Meara (1869) and Psalm 126.

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