Live Your Divine Nature

When Christ was lifted up on the wood of the cross…His divine nature stayed. His divine nature remained in love to join our humanity.

In this pandemic instead of asking the wrong questions:  “God, why did you let this happen to me?”  Or, God why don’t you just … (Fill in the blank — fix my marriage, help me with my finances, help me succeed, fix my kid — you know what your whining about…).

If we desire to enter into a journey of the heart with God, an initiation requires a new set of questions:  What Lord, are you trying to heal in me? What are you trying to teach me here? The truth is God may have been trying to get your attention, to bring you to healing for a long time. To initiate you to live His divine nature.

What is the way you have mishandled your suffering, losses, wounds and life you’ve constructed as a result?

As a Christian woman I thought I was supposed to ignore my wounds, break the arrow off and keep limping around with the tip of the arrow lodged in my heart. Bleeding internally but doing it all with a smile! Or perhaps I would admit what happened, but deny the pain because I felt like I deserved it.   

I bought the lie that I had to always be strong and keep fighting, and never ever admit you’re hurting. But then I read about King David (a guy who’s hardly a pushover, a strong warrior) He didn’t act like that at all “I am poor and needy,” he confessed openly, “and my heart is wounded within me” (Psalm 109:22).

It truly was tragic the way I was handling my wounds, suffering. I bought the lie (that I was told many times) that no one cared. I misinterpreted it that God didn’t care. And then I hit the wall with my pain, sunk into a deep dark depression. God showed up in love. God taught me that the mystery of his love is not that our pain is taken but that the He longed to share that pain with me!

As He entered into my wounds in divine solidarity new life sprung forth. As He gave me unyielding spiritual fortitude His divine nature joined my humanity to empower me to be transformed in His new creation. He moved from a distant God to becoming an intimate lover as he ministered to my wounds in tender love. His divine touch brought new life in me! 

Please believe the GOOD NEWS! God is the God of the living. He is not a distant or uncaring God, nor a God to be avoided and feared or a revengeful God. God is truly a God who is moved by our pain and struggles as He participates in the fullness of the human struggle. He weeps with us.

“When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jew who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. Jesus wept.” (John 11:33-35, NIV)

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