Historic Number of Women Committing to Pray on February 15, 2020

We want to encourage you to lean into this opportunity, from wherever you are in your daily relationship with God. 

Hundreds of thousands of women will gather across America via free livestream on February 15, 2020 for She Loves Out Loud (SLOL), a historic day of empowering  women with the great hope of healing through prayer and sisterhood as they declare the end of isolation and secret pain. 

The broadcast’s seven themes include awe-inspiring, personal stories of victory over circumstance and challenge: 

1. Race Relations

2. Healing of Abuse and Trauma

3. Marriage Betrayal-Pornography

4. Families and Children

5. Victory Over Depression

6. Pro-Life, Adoption and Fostering

7. Prayer for America and Military Wives 

The powerful interviews will combine with process and prayer times in small groups and worship in song throughout the day as sisterhood and prayer do their powerful work.  

Author and co-founder Diane Strack was impacted by the words of her late mentor Vonette Bright to “Gather the women to pray. They are the only hope for our nation.” 

Strack says, “I remembered her words as I watched the angry women parades and cried with the abused.  My heart broke at the emptiness and hurt that restrained hope.  No one spoke of a way to peace, and  I thought, ‘Love is not silent. Neither can we be.  We must come alongside our sisters and share the rivers of grace waiting to heal.’” 

About the same time, vocalist, songwriter, author, inspirational speaker, and talk-show host, Sheila Walsh, experienced a similar call.  “For the last two years there has been one thing burning in my heart and spirit, the power of prayer. I woke up one morning with the phrase ‘Praying Women’, ringing like a song inside me.  Diane invited me to a meeting in Washington some months later, and it was clear as I prayed with a group of women that day that this is a song God is singing over many of His daughters. This is a fresh call in an urgent time.”

The organic growth of SLOL confirms the importance of this day as volunteers, churches, pregnancy centers, military bases, and small groups from coast to coast message in to say “We are in!” Television Host James Robison has donated his studio and staff for the day; Lifeway Digital stream is freely hosting the content on their platform so that every woman across the globe can be a part; and several other partners have come alongside to make this event possible. 

She Loves Out Loud is a non-denominational, non-political, free Livestream event.  Any church or small group can host this impactful event by simply opening their door and participating in the internet broadcast through Facebook Live, the website www.shelovesoutloud.org or Lifeway Digital Pass.  

The SLOL team is unanimous: “We want women to come away from the day saying, ‘My sisters  saw me; they heard me; they loved me; and they gave me hope in Jesus name.”’

The women of America are coming together to Join the SLOL Movement! For more info, contact dstrack@shelovesoutloud.org

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