God Over All I Don’t Know

This year, I’ve been in a season filled with questions — facing new unknowns. And my heart can’t help asking, “How, Lord?” (Luke 1:34). My questions range from theology to unknowns I face in my future. I’ve found myself shameful in the midst of my questions, and even doubts. Time and time again, I would catch myself distancing myself from the God I love because I subconsciously feared He was threatened or mad about the state of my heart.

Recently in worship, I led the song “God Over All I Know.” In the midst of preparing, singing it out over and over as I walked around our home, I felt inauthentic because of how many questions I had, and how much I felt like I didn’t really know. Up has felt like down for me lately, and at the time, I wasn’t feeling very rooted or grounded in my faith.

I found the Lord in those moments, graciously speaking over me, “I am the God over all you don’t know, too.”

It was a such a moment of clarity for me — that in the midst of my wondering and questions, God had not changed. He was still the same glorious Jesus I fell in love with 10 years ago. Suddenly, I felt my heart soften under the weight of this truth. My questions, doubts, and fears do not change Who God is. It may seem elementary and obvious, but in the midst of a season that felt like a stormy sea, I suddenly saw my Anchor, and He was speaking “Peace, be still.”

He is the God over all we don’t know — over every question, struggle and fear in our hearts. And He is not afraid to walk with us and hold our hand through any storm. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Our valleys do not threaten His goodness, kindness and “Godness.” And they certainly don’t change the way He feels about us.

Invite God into your season today, whether it’s filled with highs or lows, whether it’s glory days or a dark night of the soul. If you have questions, remember they do not change Who God actually is. They only change who you think He is and how you perceive Him to be. In the midst of your questioning, remind yourself of Jesus—His attributes, His sacrifice, His sovereignty. And let not ideas or notions be your anchor, but Christ Himself.

Jesus is real, folks. He is more than an idea or theology to base your life on. So, in the midst of your questions, invite the person of Jesus in close, and allow him to shape how you understand him. Let him show you his constancy, and be your steady anchor in the storm.

May God be gracious with you, as He certainly has been with me.

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